Fall in love with these fall nail art ideas


Fall or autumn is that time of the year when we are saying goodbye to summer, but winter is not here yet. With the changing colours of the leaves, fall is the best time to experiment with your nails. It’s also the month of Halloween, so don’t be surprised to see the return of vampy, dark nails and sombre colours. Both, nude & glitter continue to top the charts because of their versatility. With the festive season already in tow, it’s time to get your mani game on point. Say goodbye to boring nails by indulging in these cool, yet easy-to-do nail art ideas you will absolutely love. We’ve rounded up our favourite nail looks for fall, keep up! 

Scribbled nails
It's cute and super-simple to do. A unique take on the graphic nail art, scribbled nail art is fun, artsy, and oh-so-chic. Got a sharpie?

Jelly nail trend
Jelly or glass nails have been around since summer and still going strong. The playful nail art makes your nails look transparent with the help of coloured acrylic. This leaves a lot of scope to experiment with colours. The end result is pretty translucent nails that look like jelly.

Art letter nails
Know what's cool? Imprinting the nails with letters. Hand paint the nails with alphabets or use stickers to form words that convey your message to the world. 

It's like wearing a crown, but on your nails.

Nude & Glitter
Nudes and glitter are still ruling the roost.  Neutral nails give a sophisticated look while glitter spells full-blown glam. Together, nudes and glitter are ultra-feminine and look incredibly chic.

MyGlamm’s range of nail paints, the Two Of Your Kind- Nude & Glitter range is used to create these simple yet super-pretty nail art. Nude and glitter nail paints are something that everyone will love. It comes with 6 pairs of neutral and glitter nail paints paired together. Wear these alone or pair them together to dress up your nails every day and for festivals.

 Negative space nails
The French manicure’s more playful, younger cousin, negative space nails are among the quirkiest nail trends and perfect for those who like to embrace minimalism. It’s about coordinating your manicure with the natural nail colour by leaving gaps which form patterns.

So fam, excited to give these fall nail trends a go?


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