Skincare 101: We’ve Decoded The Win-Win Benefits Of A Facial Massage Just For The Beauty Addicts Like You

facial massage benefits

Who doesn't want a revitalising face massage after an exceptionally hectic week? If you haven't been able to lavishly treat yourself to a much-needed spa day for whatever reason, it's time to pamper your skin with a face massage (you may still not know the benefits of facial massage). Did you know that only with your fingers or an appropriate face roller, you can completely transform your self-care Sunday routine? Sounds almost too good to be true? A few minutes of practice will help increase blood flow, reduce puffiness, and keep your skin looking fresh, youthful, and free of wrinkles. 


5 Types Of Facial Massages You Need To Try ASAP


If all of these benefits aren't enough to persuade you, consider that a face massage can also be a fantastic way to improve the texture of your skin. So, try out these face massages along with our fave skincare products like moisturiser and serum to feel calm and refreshed.


Classic Facial Massage


Classic Face Massage


This is the most commonly used by beauty experts worldwide. It entails caressing, tapping, kneading, and pinching actions. It stimulates collagen formation and relaxes your skin.


Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage


Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage


Lymph is a fluid found in your body that transports impurities and removes waste. It's made up of water, proteins, and salts. Massaging can help to discharge accumulated lymph. This is an excellent procedure for thorough cleansing and rejuvenating your skin.


Shiatsu (Finger-Pressure Facial Massage)


Finger-Pressure Facial Massage


This type of facial employs acupressure on certain points on the face known as the energy channels. This Chinese technique involves the use of special equipment, such as fingers or palms, to tone muscles and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face.


Kobido Facial Massage


Kobido Facial Massage


Kobido translates as "old way of beauty." This is the most traditional method of facial massage. It massages 16 facial muscles in 47 different ways. It is a deep-relaxing facial massage that also aids with pain relief.


Remedial Facial Massage


Remedial Facial Massage


If your complexion is dull and lifeless, the remedial facial massage might help you achieve a more luminous glow and an even skin tone. Exfoliants used in therapeutic massage aid in the removal of dead skin cells. It also aids in the restoration and soothing of sensitive skin.


5 Benefits Of A Facial Massage


  • Stress Buster


Isn't it always nice to indulge yourself at a salon or spa? By activating the sympathetic nervous system, face massage relieves tension. You now know what to do the next time you are concerned or want to improve your mood!


  • Flush Out The Toxins


Facial massage distributes lymphatic fluid and removes toxins from the skin of your face. The lymphatic system is a collection of tissues and organs in the body that eliminate pollutants and other waste materials.


  • Improve Blood Circulation


Face massage is similar to facial exercise because it improves blood flow in the facial skin. According to studies, a 5-minute massage on the face on a regular basis can significantly enhance blood flow and contribute to glowing skin.


How To Do A Face Massage At Home


We often wonder how a face massage might enhance our facial structure. But not anymore. You can either ask a friend for assistance or do it yourself. Close your eyes, lie down on a mat or your bed, and let your fingers work their magic! Massages on a regular basis assist to increase blood circulation, relieve tension, and combat puffiness and wrinkles!


  • Step 1: Cleanse your hands and tie your hair back.


  • Step 2: Wash your face with lukewarm water and pat dry.


  • Step 3: Moisturise your skin.


  • Step 4: Select an oil for your skin type.


  • Step 5: Steam your face to soften the pores and allow oils to penetrate more easily.


  • Step 6: Massage your face lightly with your fingers in a circular motion. If you want to tighten your skin, utilise deep and stimulating motions.


  • Step 7: Stick to gentle pressure if you have sensitive, acne-prone, or oily skin.


  • Step 8: If you're comfortable, consider using skin care equipment for massage, such as a metal roller or a jade roller.




Q. Is face massage good for the skin?


Yes, facial massage promotes healthy skin while relaxing the muscles of the face. It has a soothing and revitalising effect, making you look and feel better. There are numerous techniques to attempt whether you wish to utilise facial massage for relaxation or to cure a specific disease.


Q. Can face massage change face shape?

Facial massage may provide a minor, transient improvement in facial contour by assisting in the elimination of excess fluid.


Q. Does face massage have side effects?


Although there are various subjective benefits to face massages, one-third of patients may experience acute adverse effects such as redness and inflammation, as well as delayed concerns such as dermatitis and acneiform eruption.


Q. Does facial massage make you look younger?


Facial massages work in the same way as exercise firms and tones our muscles, making our bodies look and feel better. These massages engage our facial muscles by relieving tension and elevating and firming the skin. Consider it an anti-aging treatment and a natural therapy.

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