Know What Is Face Scrub, Uses Of Face Scrub, Face Scrub Benefits And Get Baby Soft Skin, Here We Come!

Face Scrub Benefits

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Have you ever had that urge to literally scrub your skin to get rid of all the gunk that’s bringing it down? Well, thankfully you have face scrubs to do that for you. But do you know what is face scrub or what does face scrub do? A Godsend for blackheads, whiteheads, and all those nitty and gritty dead skin cells, the scrub uses for face is literally visible the moment you use it. Think of it as an extra hard cleanser that basically extracts all the grime that your normal cleanser doesn’t. As you know, your skin goes through the doldrums and back when it faces pollution and dirt. Every now and again (read: once a week), it is essential to exfoliate your face and get rid of all accumulation of the nasties that sit on your skin. If not, you end up with a dull, lifeless-looking face, that doesn’t radiate that natural glow. Scroll down to see what is scrub for face and some face scrub benefits,  and why it is absolutely essential in your skincare product arsenal.


Face Scrub Benefits


It can’t be stressed enough –– exfoliating your face is a must and there are many uses of face scrub! It’s not just a product, but more a way of life that’ll lead to better and healthier skin. If you have sensitive skin, you probably want to give gritty scrubs a pass and use chemical exfoliants instead. Scroll down to see the face scrub benefits.


Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells


One of the main face scrub benefits is to gently scrub away the dead skin cells that form a layer on your face. This layer is what causes your skin to look dull, dry, and lack-lustre, and can also clog pores and result in breakouts. 


Improves The Overall Texture


If you use a face scrub religiously, you will notice the texture of your skin improving dramatically. One of the biggest uses of face scrubs is that it helps with skin cell regeneration, which means blemishes tend to heal faster. The tiny particles also buff the skin and improve its texture and appearance, resulting in smoother and softer-looking skin.


Prevents Future Breakouts


Exfoliation is a great way to balance out the oil production levels in your pores. When there’s excess production your skin tends to attract dirt and grime, resulting in clogged pores and breakouts. By exfoliating you nip the issue in the bud itself, making sure no future breakouts occur due to this reason. This is one of the most effective face scrub benefits.


Fades Away Marks


With each use, face scrubs help fade away acne marks, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, or any kind of discolouration. This face scrub benefit occurs due to the scrubbing off of dead and damaged skin cell layer that forms on top, therefore making those marks appear lighter. Using a face scrub also accelerates the growth of new and healthier skin cells, resulting in glowing and less damaged skin, each and every time you use it.


Helps With Ingrown Hairs


Ingrown hairs are a huge task to deal with and can often result in a breakout, especially when it’s on your face. By exfoliating it, you’re gently massaging the hair follicle and preventing it from poking into your pores. See, the uses of face scrub are more than what meets the eye.


Allows For Better Absorption Of Other Skincare Products


When the dead layer of skin is removed from your face, the ingredients of other skincare products will tend to work better and far more efficiently than before –– as the film that was holding them back from doing a job well done is removed. A well-exfoliated face also tends to hold makeup a lot better. You will notice your base products looking a lot smoother and less cakey. This is one of the best face scrub benefits.



Prevents Ageing


As mentioned before, one of the face scrub benefits is that face scrubs have the ability to boost your skin’s regeneration. This is crucial when it comes to repairing and healing damaged skin –– all of which result to premature ageing. Using a face scrub reverses the damage caused by free radicals which in turn prevents skin from ageing faster.


MyGlamm Recommends Best Face Scrub


In order to get the most out of the face scrub benefits, you need the right product by your side. Always make sure the scrubs aren’t too abrasive on your skin –– and ensure that you gently massage your skin, rather than rubbing it in.


MyGlamm Wipeout Germ Killing Face Scrub - Lavender & Neem


This antimicrobial foaming facial scrub has a unique formula that is enriched with germ-killing properties. It doesn’t just remove your dead skin and impurities, but also protects you from germs. Formulated with natural extracts, the lavender and neem help take away all impurities while hydrating the skin. The apricot beads and walnuts mildly exfoliate the skin and remove the layer of dead skin cells. Also enriched with aloe vera, olive oil, vitamin E, and almonds, all of which help nourish, protect, and moisturise your skin.



Manish Malhotra Methi Face Scrub Gel

This gel-based face scrub is made from pure, concentrated aloe vera juice and is enriched with ayurvedic ingredients like methi, amla, grape seed oil, and walnut shell beads. The formula is lightweight and absorbs really quickly into your skin. The ingredients work together to deeply nourish dull and dehydrated skin and they gently yet effectively exfoliate the skin and remove all dead cells. This face scrub prevents clogged pores and helps eradicate sebum buildup. The result? A smoother, clearer skin tone and complexion.


MyGlamm Wipeout Germ Killing Face Scrub - Rose & Honey


This face scrub kills germs, exfoliates dead skin cells and soothes the skin. Enriched with rose and honey, the formula scrubs away while moisturising the skin. The removal of all impurities results in clearer and smoother skin that glows. Also enriched with aloe vera, olive oil, and vitamin E, it works as an antioxidant too and has a calming effect on your skin.








What Is A Face Scrub?

A face scrub is an amazing skincare product that helps in exfoliating the skin. From removing dead skin cells to reducing the chances of breakouts, the face scrub helps the skin in many different ways.


What Does A Face Scrub Do To Your Face?

Face scrub contains coarse particles helping you to exfoliate the skin. After you apply a face scrub, the particles rub against the skin helping in removing all the dirt. It also makes your skin smooth and soft.


Can i Use Face Scrub Daily?

Using face scrub twice or thrice a week is enough for the skin to glow and remain healthy.


What Should You Apply After Using A Face Scrub?

After using a face scrub, you should apply a gentle and natural moisturiser. Make sure your face is a little damp when you use it. 


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The secret to glowing skin? Exfoliation! Make the most out of these face scrub benefits and make sure to include them in your skincare routine once a week!


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