Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes: Amazing Trends & Ideas Of Beginner Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes


Make A Note Of These Striking Eyeliner Trends For Hooded Eyes

Every eye shape is unique and therefore different eye makeup trends appear different on each of them. Eyeliner is one such eye makeup trend that everyone resorts to for an instant makeover. While classic styles within eyeliner application techniques exist, those styles aren’t always flattering for every shape. Take for example hooded eye shapes—the lids tend to fold and cover up the effect of classic winged liner. Therefore, identifying the right styles of eyeliner for hooded eyes is a must. We show you the best ways to apply eyeliner for hooded eyes by decoding the below list of eyeliner styles for hooded eyes.

Best Eyeliner Trends For Hooded Eyes

To make hooded eye shapes more defined and alluring through eye makeup, try out these amazing styles of eyeliner for hooded eyes. You can recreate these looks by using even eyeshadow or a kajal pencil from your eye makeup kit.


Straight & Sharp Eyeliner


This style of eyeliner for hooded eyes is not curvy but rather sharp and angled. This eyeliner trend is very in and gives off an edgy ’90s vibe. This straight winged eyeliner style flatters hooded eye shapes as it stands out and is bold enough to defy the heavy lids that are common amongst hooded eye shapes. Draw your wing from the outer corners of your lower lash lines and then draw a straight line from where the wing ends which goes straight across to the inner corners of your lash lines. Fill in the shape and you're good to go.


Batwing Eyeliner


This eyeliner style was specifically created for hooded eye shapes. It is more like a winged eyeliner for hooded eyes because this trend allows hooded eye shapes to rock classic winged eyeliner in all its glory. Usually, winged eyeliner gets lost under the fold of hooded lids and this trend prevents that from happening. To create this look, first draw a wing extending from the outer corners of the lash lines and connect it to the outer end of the crease of your lids. Now fill it in with the liner creating a triangle. Then proceed to define your lash lines like you usually would and connect it to this triangle.


Reverse Eyeliner


This winged eyeliner for hooded eyes is perfect to make a bold impact with your eye makeup products. Whether coloured eyeliner or classic black kohl, this winged eyeliner style is created on the bottom lash lines instead of the upper lash lines allowing hooded eyes to have a striking gaze. Simply tighline the upper lash lines with kajal and go bold with your eyeliner on the lower lash lines. Kajals, kohls, and gel eyeliners work best for this look. Use an angled brush to create wings on the inner and outer corners of your lower lash lines. Apply a nude shimmer shade on your lids for fabulous results.

Best Eyeliners To Create The Trends

If you want to be a pro at applying eyeliner, you got to have the right products by your side to do so. To help get your eyeliner game on fleek, consider adding these amazing eye makeup products to your makeup kit and make way for some beautiful eyeliner styles for hooded eyes!


MyGlamm Superfoods Kajal - Umber


Enriched with nourishing avocado oil extracts and sunflower seed oil, this long-staying eyeliner product also doubles as an eye care product that offers comfortable wear even for those who wear contact lenses. The intensely smooth pigment glides on and offers a gorgeous colour pay off.


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MyGlamm Wheelie Liquid Eyeliner

Powered by a waterproof, long-lasting formula, this precision eyeliner with a wheel applicator tip offers ease of application to create gorgeous winged eyeliner styles. It is one of those eye makeup products that will give you a professional finish each time. This eyeliner has a gorgeous matte finish in an intense shade of black.


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POPxo Makeup No Drama 4 Eyeshadow Kit

The POPxo Makeup No Drama 4 Eyeshadow Kit is a must-have eye makeup essential product. The black shade in this palette allows you to create stunning eyeliner styles that are blendable for smokey effects as well. The matte brown and nude shade allow you to lift and contour hooded eyes while the shimmer shade will make your eyeliner pop for totally instagrammable eye makeup looks. The formula of these eyeshadows are enriched with vitamin E and each shade has a strong colour pay off that you’re going to love.


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