Eyebrows Trends History On Fleek: A Look At Eyebrow Trends Over The Years!


Admit it! Eyebrows have become an obsession of late, and it’s all about making a statement. We can’t even go a week without a new eyebrow trend blowing up on our Instagram feeds. And if you’re wondering what it looked like before, here’s something that would interest you. From the over-plucked to the drawn-on, we’ve documented the most popular eyebrow trends over time. Join us on an epic walk down memory lane. 


Eyebrow Trends Over Time: 1980s Eyebrows, 90s Eyebrows, 2000s Eyebrow Trends!

With new eyebrow trends cropping up on social media every week, it’s easy to forget that we’ve been tampering with our eyebrows for years now. Scroll down to go through historical and latest heavy eyebrows trends over history!



Faded Brows

In 2010, Kim Kardashian rose to fame and so did the shape of her eyebrows. This trend included brows that started off light near the nose and gradually became darker near the tail.  It was during this decade that the technique of microblading ( a tattooing technique to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin).  


Kim Kardashian

Patty Ramirez

Kim Kardashian

The 2000s

Pencil Brows

With the new millennium, came a new eyebrow trend. Extremely thin and perfectly shaped, the pencil brows were just a remake of the rounded brows. To achieve this look, women also took to brow waxing. However, it wasn’t something that was there to stay.



17 Embarrassing Beauty Trends From the 2000s

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Pencil-Thin Eyebrows


The 1980s

Bushy Brows

Even though the bushy eyebrows trend became popular last year, the original trendsetters are Madonna & Brooke Shields. These two were the first famous names to sport this look back in the 1980s. It was clearly the era of ‘more is more’ ideology - bigger hair, bolder makeup, and bushy brows!


Who's That Girl? - Publicity still of Madonna


Who's That Girl? - Publicity still of Madonna

The 1970s

Thin Brows

There was a total flip from thick to thin during this era. Thin brows were all the rage, courtesy, singer Diana Ross. She was the ultimate beauty goddess with her sparkly makeup, long eyelashes, and ultra-thin eyebrows.


J Marie 313 Fashion Boutique

Diana Ross


The 1960s

Full Brows

In the 1960s, dark and bold eyebrows stole the show! Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor are the ones who actually paved the way for this look. These brows had a more natural arch but some women also shaded in their brows to get a fuller look.


pinterest: thedollydear

Audrey hepburn

The 1950s

Pointed Arch

Unlike the thin, soft rounded brows from the previous eras, women in the 1950s opted for sculpted eyebrows with an arch to fit their face.


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Classy Ladies and Gents



The 1940s

Heavy Arched Brows

And so, began the trend for big brows in the 1940s. Long before Cara and Madonna, actress Joan Crawford set the wheel in motion for thicker, bolder brows. This went on to become her trademark look along with heavily blushed cheeks and red lips.


For your fix of old Hollywood glamour, movie magic and a few facts thrown in. The Cinema History blog is the place to go for all things movies!

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The 1930s

Upward Rounded Brows

While the '20s was all about 'droopy brows', the 1930s was about raising them. Women gave up the sad look and opted for thin, upward arches. Unfortunately, the concept of figuring out your face shape was still non-existent during this time.

Courtesy: Pinterest


The 1920s

Pencil-Thin Droopy Brows

This era gave birth to a lot of beauty trends, one of them being ‘rounded droopy eyebrows’. Women began drawing on their brows with a dark eyebrow pencil in a curved downward angle. Even though this shape made them look sad, many women including actress Clara Bow weren't afraid to flaunt it.

Courtesy: Pinterest





There are so many eyebrow trends that it’s actually hard to keep up! From glitter brows to colored to feathery and even bejeweled- the list is long. But one thing is for sure, we live in a time where you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to beauty and your brows! 

Hope you enjoyed going through the eyebrow trends over the years that became quite popular! So, now that you know about different types of eyebrow trends & their history, which one are you trying now!?


What is the current eyebrow trend

There are many current eyebrow trends going on in 2021 such as Bushy eyebrows, Brushed Up brows, Defined yet Natural brows, Less Powder and Pencil, Fluffy brows with a hint of skin, Archless straight brows!

When were big eyebrows popular? 

The 1940s was the time when big brows became popular.

What started the eyebrow trend?

Marlene Dietrich popularized and started the “It” eyebrow trend of the era by completely shaving off her brows and then drawing a thin line above her natural browline. Now, this style gave all women the creativity to make their eyebrows however they wanted them to be! Also, there has been written, while silent movies were going big in the 1920s, the facial expression had never been more popular and significant which was why a thin, defined, slightly downturned eyebrow was favored. This shape basically enhanced the actresses’ expressions of both melancholic thinking and nostalgia.

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