After contouring, the makeup world is all excited about strobing makeup. Endorsed by none other than the diva Kim K West herself, contouring has been a rage (no surprises here). But recently its popularity is being challenged by Strobing.  

Contouring has been one of the hottest trends in makeup and a secret of many stars (including Kim K) showing off their chiselled face. It includes using colours darker than your natural skin to create shadows a sculpt the face for a slimmer appearance. Contouring is usually accompanied by highlighting.

But as the summer progresses, Strobing is taking centre stage.Celebs like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Karlie Kloss are rocking it on the red carpet.

Kendall sporting a beautiful glow while walking the runway in Milan

We love Bella Hadid's radiant face achieved with strobing

Let’s delve into the world of Strobing to find out why

What is Strobing?
Simply put, strobing makeup technique is used to layer highlights on the face to create an illuminated complexion. Unlike contouring, which targets the low points of the face making it appear more shadowed, Strobing brightens and illuminates the high points of the face for that fresh, natural-looking glow. It's way easier to master and a lot lighter on the skin.

It does not need tonnes of product to be layered on the face and hence is good for summer.  Just strobing liquid ad highlighter. No layering the face with many products and no worries of a makeup meltdown there!

How to strobe?
The main behind Strobing is to highlight the face; making certain areas of your face pop so you look extra chiselled and super healthy. Bright highlights are placed on areas of the face where the light naturally hits to create an illuminated complexion. Those areas include the tops of the cheekbones, the temples, center of the nose and on the cupid's bow. All you need is a soft highlighter and/or strobing liquid like the Spotlight Multitasking Strobing Liquid. It is a gentle highlighter that blends easily into the skin, creating an immediate fresher, look with a natural dewy radiance.

Get ready with a clean and moisturised face. Take strobing liquid and apply in dots on the tops of your cheek bones, bridge of your nose, temples, forehead, chin, on the brow bone, above the brow arch, and on the inner corners of the eyes. Take a blending brush and blend with gentle but steady swirling motions. You may also use your fingers to blend the product into your skin for a seamless finish.

There is no particular technique for strobing. You just need to master the blending and target the correct spots on your face.  The easiest trick is to focus on areas where natural light hits your face. The look can be intensified further by layering on highlighter. Or you may just choose to go with the strobing liquid for a subtle yet visible radiance. People use fingers or brush or both to blend in the product, whatever suits them.

Bella Hadid and her friend sport a strobed look that gives the kind of radiance we'd kill for 

How is it different from highlighting?
By now we all know that highlighter is the next step to contouring. So, highlighters are most often paired with contour products. Strobing, on the other hand, is just done using a strobing liquid and/or highlighter. It adds a natural glow to the face and imparts a dewy finish to the face. Strobing liquid is quite versatile and can be used either alone, on its own or can be mixed with moisturiser, serum, foundation or other cream products for ease of application.

Strobe the higher points of your face where the light hits naturally. The liquid reflects the light and gives you an envious glow. 

When to strobe?
This highlighting technique is a fresher take on contouring as it requires less product, less effort and less time. Contouring can make a person look great on camera and in photos but in daylight it can make the face look unnatural and heavy. Strobing on the other hand, is more suited for real life. It gives a fresh and glowy look which can be carried on and off camera effortlessly. It is perfect for summers when too much makeup can feel, well, too much and get quite messy. 






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