Everything You Need To Know About MyGlamm's Virtual Try-On Feature


No matter how lucrative the idea of purchasing your beauty products online happens to be, there's always a little apprehension attached to it, right? Unlike buying makeup at a store, where all your doubts are cleared with just one swatch, purchasing makeup online is a bit complicated…or at least it used to be! Think purchasing beauty products online isn't really a good idea? Well, we are here to change your mind. We at MyGlamm understand your struggle and to improve your online shopping experience and make it hassle-free, we’ve come up with our very own MyGlamm Virtual Makeup Try-On feature on the MyGlamm App.

In addition to easing your doubts when it comes to picking the right shades online, this virtual try-on app is also extremely beneficial in the age of social distancing. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe, leaving us confined to our homes, everyone has turned their attention to online shopping. With MyGlamm's Virtual Makeup Try-On app not only do you get to sample our products virtually before buying but it's also a safer shopping alterative. Since going to the stores and using beauty testers that have been touched by many might not be such a wise idea right now, this feature gives you a chance to try-on and shop our makeup products without putting your health at risk.

Our augmented reality makeup try-on feature is the best makeup tester online. It's the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to try our lipsticks and other makeup products without having to make any commitments. So how do you get started? Well, it’s as easy as ABC. 

How To Use MyGlamm’s Virtual Makeup Try-On App

Figuring out how to use this virtual makeup try-on feature is not rocket science. On the contrary, it is as user friendly as it gets and we have ensured our not-so-tech-savvy fam can manage it sans any hiccups as well.  Also, don’t worry, we are not fishing for your personal details and you don’t need to upload any images on the app. All you need is a working front camera on your phone and the MyGlamm app.

Here’s what you have to do:-

Step #1: Download the MyGlamm app

Step #2: Open the app and go to 'SHOP'.

Step #3:  Go to the subcategory you’re interested in a.k.a. lipsticks, face makeup, or eye makeup.

Step #4: Click on the product that has the Try-On option on the far-right corner.

Step #5: On clicking the Try-On option, it will open your front camera and you can start experimenting with your new look. You can try on various lipstick shades and eye makeup and pick the ones that suit you best. 

Benefits of using MyGlamm’s Virtual Makeup Try-On App

Aside from helping you purchase the right shades, there are many other benefits to virtual makeup try-on as well.

- Saves Time and Money

With this virtual makeup try-on app, you can pick the right shades to suit your skin tone and save money by buying only the things that work for you. This feature can also save you a lot of time as you can shop to your heart’s content without leaving your bed! Since you get to pick the exact shades you want, you also avoid any unnecessary returns and replacements of your orders. MyGlamm's Virtual Makeup Try-On app helps eliminate any buyer’s remorse as well.

- Avoid Crowds

Let’s face it, nobody likes crowded stores or being rushed while shopping especially when it comes to buying makeup products. With this virtual try-on feature you can spend as much time as you want in picking out the right shades and never even have to leave your house. And during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s anyway best to avoid crowded areas and makeup testers that have been used by many people.

- Caters To Your Needs

From a brand perspective, this virtual makeup try-on app gives us a better understanding of what you, our consumers, are looking for, and this data, in turn, will help us cater to your needs better in the future.

- Social Sharing

Can’t decide on a shade? MyGlamm’s Virtual Makeup Try-On feature also has a sharing option in case if you’re spoilt for choice and can’t decide what to buy.  You could simply ask your friends by just sharing your virtual makeup look on social media platforms.

Your perfect lipstick shade and much more is just a click away with MyGlamm's New Virtual Try-On App.


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