Everything You Need To Know About MyGlamm's New WIPEOUT Sanitizing Collection


With the pandemic wreaking havoc around the globe, the one way we can protect ourselves is by always keeping our hands and surroundings clean and sanitized. There's been a huge demand for sanitizing products in the market and in an effort to prevent a shortage of disinfectant products, we've launched our new sanitizing line called WIPEOUT through the myglammCARES initiative. Our customers' health and safety  our topmost priority, so, as part of the initiative, we've released sanitizing and germ-killing products that shield you from germs, bacteria, and viruses- anywhere, anytime.

Now more than ever we need to learn about the importance of hygiene and with WIPEOUT by MyGlamm, you can get rid of all germs lurking around. Here are the 3 products that will eliminate any disease-causing germs and keep you clean and your skin moisturised. 

WIPEOUT Sanitizing Wipes

We all know by now that you need to wash your hands for 20 what you may not know is that germs and bacteria can also collect on prime surfaces like desks, laptops, phones, both at home and in the office. That’s why it’s important to wipe down now during the outbreak.

Enriched with eucalyptus and lemon oil that moisturise and recharges your skin, the alcohol-infused WIPEOUT Sanitizing Wipes help kill 99% germs on your hands and surfaces. They are portable so it’s easy to carry around or keep anywhere like in your cars, desks, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even in your bags. But your hands and electronic devices aren't the only things you can wipe clean with these sanitizing wipes. From contaminated grocery cart handles to doorknobs to glasses and even high chairs, you can stay safe and eliminate germs on any surface with these wipes.

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Hand Sanitizer

During this pandemic, everyone always needs to have an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with them at all times. We specify 'with alcohol' because only those sanitizers that have alcohol in it are effective in eliminating germs and disease-causing bacteria. Aside from disinfecting your hands, these sanitizers can also be used to clean makeup brushes, stainless steel items, and even act as an emergency deodorant. 

Hand Sanitizers contain Isopropyl is anti-microbial and kills microorganisms or stops their growth. Aside from IPA, it also contains Tea oil, Citrus , Rosemary, Neem, Tulsi, Eucalyptus oil essentials, all of which have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-septic & anti-fungal properties. 

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WIPEOUT Cleansing Towels

Summer is here and along with it, unbearable heat. Even while quarantined at home, we can’t help but take a shower twice a day but since there's a water shortage in our country, for some, this might not be possible. For others who are bedridden due to an illness or dealing with a serious injury, making it to the bathroom for a quick shower is just impossible. So how does one stay clean and fresh in such situations? 

Body towels are your answer to eliminating germs and staying clean. The WIPEOUT Cleansing Towels are just what you need in times like these. These Cleansing Towels not only kill germs but also keep your skin moisturised. Infused with ingredients like aloe vera extract, allantoin & Vitamin E that help keep the body moisturized and neem, lemon, and eucalyptus oil for degerming, now stay clean, safe & hygienic all day long with these cleansing towels. Since the WIPEOUT Cleansing Towels are made up of all-natural ingredients, it's safe to use on the face and it's also suitable for those with sensitive skin. 

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