Everything You Need To Know About Blush, Highlighter & Bronzer!


There is no substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle but when it comes to exuding that glow-from-within, there are a few tips and tricks up our sleeve that you may want in on. With a few beauty must-haves in your personal, you can ace the dewy, radiant look like a pro. Sounds good? Wait till you hear more and see for yourself!

Blush, highlighter, and bronzer are the 3 most important products in your makeup routine. Blush helps you get that rosy flush; bronzer aids contour your face and highlighter helps you get that lit-from-within glow. It may sound like a tedious process but once you’ve mastered the technique of applying these products, it is as easy as swiping on your lipstick. . But beware, even though these 3 products do a lot to enhance your features, if not applied properly, it may leave you looking like a circus performer. 


That’s why we’re here to guide you on the right path to achieving a faultless look and with the wedding season coming up, now's the right time to implement this into your makeup routine, if you haven't already. Best of all, everyone's favourite MyGlamm product Chisel It is back in stock! This 3 in 1 bronzer, blush and highlighter palette is travel-friendly and fits right in your purse. So whether you're off to your destination wedding and need to pack light or if it's just your regular Saturday Night out, this product will definitely come in handy. 


Blush adds a rosy glow and instantly gives you a fresh-faced look. But if you thought that rosy pink is the only shade it comes in, then you're wrong. This product comes in warm and cool tones so there’s a hue to match every skin tone.

- Fake the flush by applying blush on the apples of your cheeks. If you still aren’t sure, just look in the mirror and give a big grin so that you know exactly where the apples of your cheeks are located!


- Right now, the ‘80s have made a comeback! You can embrace this trend by taking the blush from your cheeks all the way up to your temples.
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Aside from helping you get a chiselled face, bronzers also give you a healthy, warm glow. Over the years this product has become a must-have in every woman’s makeup bag! After all, who wouldn’t want that sun-kissed, fresh-of-the-beach glow instantly!
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- The most basic tip is drawing the number 3 on both sides of your face. This shape helps you cover your forehead, temples, the hollows of your cheeks and your jawline.

- If you’re a beginner, powder bronzers are much easier to use as they give you more control.


Ever wondered how your favourite celeb or influencer always have such luminous skin in all their pictures? Well, the secret is strategically placed highlighter. Should you know, highlighters help you achieve that lit-from-within illuminating glow but fair warningapplying it all over your face could leave you looking like a disco ball!


-  The 5 important places you need to apply highlighter are on your cheekbones, brow bones, down the centre of your nose, inner corners of your eyes and Cupid’s bow.
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- Highlighting your brow bone will add more depth to your eyes.
- Applying it on your Cupid’s bow will create the illusion of fuller lips.
- Adding a tiny amount to the corners of your eyes can make a big difference. This will help open up your eyes and make you look like you woke up from a really good slumber. 
- Using it down the bridge of your nose or on the tip helps accentuate it and make it appear thinner. 
- Highlighting your cheekbones gives you a more defined face structure as well as a youthful glow.   

All set to step out with an on-point makeup look? Don't forget to try out the tips you've read!


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