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While it is week two for most of us, others are on week 3 when it comes to working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak and we’ve got a pretty good idea of almost everyone's work from home scenario. No alarm to wake you up, breakfast at your own pace and finally start working in your raggedy t-shirt and sweatpants. You’ve probably not even touched your makeup bag ever since this lockdown came into place. Whether or not we got this right, one thing's for certain though, almost all of us end up running around the house trying to fix our face as soon as there’s an unexpected video call with the boss.

Well, due to the coronavirus outbreak which is still rampant in almost every country, video calls are now the new norm so start getting used to it. In addition to trying to work out from home, trying to be productive and getting the work done, you also need to figure out quick and easy makeup looks so that you always look good when it's time for a video call.

Obviously, you cannot rock heavy makeup or wear your bright red matte lipstick for your 10 am video call meeting so if you're wondering how to look good, we’ve come up with 3 quarantine makeup looks that are easy to do while giving you a natural i-woke-up-like-this look. And it goes without saying that even if you don’t want to rock any makeup and show off your natural skin then so be it.

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Get Your Glow On

A bit of face oil to get that glow, blush on the cheeks and a red lipgloss is all you need to look professional and video call ready in no time. Just like primer, the oil will act as a barrier between your makeup and your skin while giving you a gorgeous beaming glow. Until the coronavirus outbreak is under control and it's safe to go to work again, this is an easy quarantine makeup look that you can try while working from home.

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Fake The Flush

If you are really pressed for time just throw on a little blush and you’re good to go.and if you have a lip and cheek stain- even better! Lip and cheek tints are made to give you a natural look so a bit of this makeup product on your cheeks and lips will surely brighten up your face instantly. 

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Line Your Waterline

This next lockdown makeup look is for those who have a few minutes to spare before the video call. A bit of liner on your lower lash line can make you look awake during your quarantine video call. You can also go ahead and use concealer, especially under your eyes before applying the eyeliner,  to hide any signs of how you’ve successfully managed to ruin your sleep schedule during this coronavirus outbreak. 

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