Easy Eyeliner Makeup Hacks


Mastering eye makeup can be quite an intimidating task; ask any makeup enthusiast. It takes elbow grease and years of practice to get your blending right and an evenly winged liner on both sides. But it need not be this daunting always; there are easy eye makeup hacks and tricks to make your life easy and help you conquer your eye makeup completely. Now simplify your eye makeup routine with these smart and easy eye makeup hacks for beginners-

DIY gel eyeliner

If you do not have gel eyeliner, do not fret. Simply heat the tip of your eye pencil under a flame for a second, let it cool, and it will glide on like a gel eyeliner. Be careful not to heat it for very long, and let it cool a little before using it on your eye.

Bright looking eyes

Brighten up the area around your eyes by dabbing with a highlighter. Use a liquid or cream highlighter around the eyes before layering with translucent powder. This will make the eyes look wide awake and bright, along with making the eye makeup readily visible.


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Make eyes look bigger

This is one of the easiest hacks for eye makeup which works great for those with small eyes. Instead of black mascara, switch to brown mascara on lower lashes. This will make your eyes appear bigger than usual. Dabbing shimmer on the inner corners of the eyes catches the light, giving the appearance of wide awake eyes. You can also line the inner rims of the lower eyelids with white or neutral coloured eye pencil. This creates the illusion of whites of your eyes extending further, hence making the eyes appear larger.

Brighter eyeshadow

If your eyeshadow is not as pigmented as you want it to be, and easy makeup hack is to apply white eyeshadow or eyeliner on the eyelids before layering the eyeshadow. This will make the eyeshadow colours look more prominent and bright. 

Perfect wings

If you are not deft with using your eyeliner and want perfect wings every time, take help of common house hold articles. Use tape, spoons and even business or credit cards to get that perfect line. Use then to trace clean and even lines every time. Using tapes, credit cards etc. is among the most popular makeup hacks to get perfectly winged eyeliner.

Rescue mascara and reuse the wands

Mascara all dried up? Here's one of a few easy eyeliner makeup hacks to make things simpler. Just add a few drops of eye drops into the tube and its ready to be used again. Also, if you think you have found the perfect mascara brush, instead of throwing it away, clean it up and use it again.

Avoid getting mascara on skin

While applying mascara, hold a spoon to cover your eyelids and apply the mascara. Similarly, hold the spoon below your lower lash line while applying mascara. This will prevent the product getting on your skin.

Layer mascara

You can actually layer one mascara brand on top of anther to get the best of both (or more) worlds. Example, use a volumizing mascara along with lengthening mascara for a unique look. Similarly, create combinations as per your requirements.


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Natural looking false lashes

While applying falsies, trying going as close to your lash line as possible. Later you can cover up the gaps and imperfections by filing in with eyeliner. Just use a liquid eyeliner to blend the lashes and make them look tidy.


De-puff the eyes

To reduce puffines or swelling under the eyes instantly, apply a cold compress on the eye bags. Wrap an ice cube in a clean cotton cloth and gently dab on the under eye area. Watch the puffiness vanish in a jiffy.


How do I make my eye makeup look good?

There are multiple ways to make your eye makeup look good, and they are-

  1. You should always know where each type of eye makeup goes.

  2. You can curl your eyelashes to make them look bigger.

  3. For beautifully enhanced eyelashes, you can use two mascaras instead of one.

  4. You can open your eyes up by disconnecting your bottom liner and top liner.

  5. Find the perfect shade of eyeliner for your eye colour.

  6. Always define your brows.

  7. You can even out your eyelids with concealer.

  8. You can use tape to prevent eyeshadow fallout.

  9. You should apply a fine layer of powder between your mascara coats.


How can I do my eye makeup in 5 minutes?

To do eye makeup like a pro in just 5 minutes, the steps go like this-

  • First, apply a primer to the eyes.

  • Then choose an eye shadow duo that includes a complimentary hue a few shades deeper and a light neutral colour.

  • In the shape of a dome-shaped shadow brush, sweep the darker shade into your eye crease.

  • You can define your upper lash line with bronze or brown pencil at the outer corner.

  • And lastly, curl your lashes and then after a few coats of black mascara on your top lashes, you are done.

What makeup do tricks bring out the eyes?

There are a lot of makeup tips that help bring out the eyes and make them look bigger-

  • It would be best if you used a flesh-toned eyeliner to brighten up your eyes.

  • Accentuate your lashes with a hot eyelash curler.

  • You can also coat your eyes with sheer colour to make your eyes pop.
    You can also experiment with coloured eyeliners.

  • You should also wear waterproof mascara for a long-lasting effect.

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