Dos and Don’ts Of Lip Care


External factors like pollution, heat and hot winds can be harsh on your skin, especially on the super-sensitive areas like the lips. We might not notice this readily, but our daily lifestyle and habits have a significant impact on our lips. While we may be carrying the best lip product available, we may not be getting the desired results, leaving us wondering what we are doing wrong. Here are some dos and don’ts of lip care that will give you baby-soft and smooth lips all year round.

Do: Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating is key to healthy lips as it keeps them smooth and soft by sloughing away dead and flaky skin from the surface. Invest in a good quality lip scrub or try homemade DIY lip scrubs to keep your pout smooth.

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Don’t: Over-Exfoliate

While exfoliating is important, overindulging can leave your skin extra dry and even damaged. Exfoliating more than thrice a week can leave you with extra sensitive or swollen lips, so watch out. For most people, exfoliating once, or maximum twice a week is enough to keep the lips in shipshape.

Do: Stay Hydrated

Water helps keep the lip skin soft and supple. Drink your 8 glasses every day to maintain a plump pout. Cut down on sugary drinks, soda, caffeine, alcohol and other dehydrating foods. Apart from drinking enough water, eat plenty of fruits and sip on naturally flavoured drinks like lime water, buttermilk, aam panna etc to maintain a healthy level of hydration in the body.

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Don’t: Use Lip Products That Contain Alcohol

It's a known fact that alcohol dries out the skin and using an alcohol-based product on your lips will devoid them of moisture, leaving them painfully cracked and dry. Pick a lip scrub that is gentle and enriched with natural oils and nourishing ingredients like Jojoba oil. MyGlamm's LIT pH Lip Balm are fruit-kissed lip balms that react to your pH levels and deliver a sheer wash of custom colour that’s absolutely unique to you. You get soft and hydrated lips with the moisturising power of a lip balm and a boost of colour. Pick from 6 refreshing fragrances.

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Do: Use A Lip Product That Has SPF

Protecting the delicate lip skin from the sun is important to avoid sunburn. The harsh rays and winds tend to dry out the lips, no matter how much lip balm you wear. Using lipsticks and lip balms with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) can be of great help especially if you are out often.

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Don’t: Lick Your Lips

This common habit is a potential reason for dry lips. While you are licking your lips to keep it moist, the saliva evaporates from the lips’ surface drying it rapidly. Avoid licking the lips and apply lip balm whenever you feel your lips need moisture.

Don’t: Use A Lip Product That Contains Abrasive Ingredients

The idea of scrubbing the lip clean of flaky skin to reveal polished skin underneath sounds quite nice, but the importance of using the right products cannot be denied. Avoid products and ingredients that are abrasive on the lips as they can leave them dry and sore. If you are unsure, then it’s better to leave the job to lip scrubs specially designed for the job. These lip scrubs come with fine particles and ingredients that are gentle on the skin and will scrub the lips without drying them out.

Remember to take care of your lips during all seasons so they can stay smooth and kissable all year long.

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