Different Ways To Use Highlighter


All you ladies who absolutely love makeup like us will agree that this one single makeup product is no less a blessing. We are talking about the mighty highlighter. Not only does it make you shine and sparkle, you’ll be happy to know that it is also a versatile product. It can be used in multiple ways to make you glow. If you like using a highlighter in copious amounts or are always looking for an excuse to wear it, you have landed at the right spot. Watch our MUA Aanchal show you multiple ways to use the mother of all makeup products, the Highlighter. From a subtle glow to a high shine look to a blinding glow, we got it all covered for you. Thank us later.

Here are multiple ways in which you can use the highlighter:

You can use powder or liquid highlighter to add radiance to your look. Featured here: MyGlamm's Spotlight Illuminating Liquid - Stardust and Chisel It Highlighter from the Poker Face palette.

Step 1: On the brow bone
Apply powder highlighter from the Chisel It - Poker Face palette on the brow bone. Blend and diffuse it using an eyeshadow brush. It’s best to apply highlighter right below the lower brow edge, on well-groomed brows.

Step 2: On the inner corners of the eyes       

Apply powder highlighter from the Chisel It - Poker Face palette on the inner corners of the eyes. This will immediately brighten up your eyes.

Step 3: On the eyelids, mixed with blush      

Apply highlighter from the Chisel It - Face Value palette on the inner sides of the eyelids, on the inner corners of the eyes and on the brow bone.

Step 4: On the tops of cheekbone          

Dot MyGlamm's Spotlight Illuminating Liquid - Stardust on the top of the cheekbones, right below the under-eye area. Tap gently with finger to blend into the skin. Use a blending brush if required to diffuse the highlighter. This will give you a subtle glow.

For a blinding glow, top it off with a powder highlighter. Use the brush to sweep the highlighter over the skin, just at the spot where liquid highlighter is applied. Using a fluffy or highlighter blush, disperse it all over the skin.

Step 5: Finish the look      

Finish off the look with a sweep of blush and coats of mascara on the lashes.
Watch this video and learn:


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