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Are you even a true lipstick addict if your heart doesn’t jump on every new lipstick launch you lay your eyes on? From matte and creamy, to velvet and glossy finish, a lipstick fanatic knows all the lipstick types by formulas, textures, and finishes. Don’t even get started with name brands - every brand has a unique blend of shades and textures that make it your absolute favourite, or at times, the least favourite of the slot. Lipstick hoarder or not, everybody has a personal lipstick preference among the different lipsticks finish types available in the market. Scroll through to know lipstick types names and know about them!

Different Types Of Lipsticks And Textures

It’s not uncommon to be fixed on a lipstick shade whenever you shop. However, picking the right type of lipsticks, no matter what the shade, is the wisest decision you will make for your makeup’s best interest. With evolving makeup trends, we need to realize how important it is to include lipstick types  in our makeup routines to stay on top of the trend game. With time, the beauty community has also realized that picking a lipstick texture for your look also decides if you’re achieving your desired look. If you’re wondering how that works, read below for an in-depth look at lipstick types.

Matte Lipsticks


We start with the lipstick type that is the most popular of all - matte lipsticks. The easiest to carry through the day, matte lipsticks deliver deep pigment and have a long-lasting formula that gives you comfortable wear. Matte lipsticks are also non-transferable, which frees you from your otherwise frequent duty of touch-ups. These types of lipsticks are also great at defining your lips as they rarely smudge. Exfoliate and moisturize your lips always before using a matte lipstick. They are perfect for long parties, or occasions, where you do not have the luxury to constantly touch your lipstick up.


MyGlamm Recommendation: LIT Satin Matte Lipstick

LIT Satin Matte Lipstick has a long-wearing formula that delivers a satin, matte finish. Do not worry about your matte lipstick looking dry anymore, with this matte bullet. Its intensely pigmented formula offers a one-swipe colour payoff. Its lightweight texture applies to the lips smoothly and sits comfortably for prolonged wear 


Price: Rs. 495

Buy it here.


Creamy Lipsticks


This one is for the ones who are classic at heart, and at their makeup too! Creamy lipsticks are synonymous with vintage trends - evergreen and graceful. These lipstick types offer a smooth application and feel light on your lips. With a texture that is not completely matte, nor glossy, this lipstick type delivers a soft effect on your makeup look. Creamy lipsticks are suitable for day, as well as night makeup looks, and add a subtle glam element to your entire look.

MyGlamm Recommendation: K.Play Flavoured Lipstick

MyGlamm K.Play Flavoured Lipstick is a creamy lipstick type, with an ultra-smooth texture. Enriched with vitamins A, B, C, and E, these lipsticks have an intense colour payoff and deliver a one-stroke application. This moisturizing formula gives your lips a hydrating benefit with a pigmented effect. 

Price: Rs. 545

Buy it here

Glossy Lipsticks


If you’re looking for a complete glam look, gloss lipsticks are the way to go. High in shine, this different lipstick type will not only give your look a luminous effect but will also make your lips appear fuller and more structured. A glossy lipstick is a tiny bit sticky to touch when compared to other lipstick textures. Overall, a glossy lip will give your makeup look a youthful effect. Moreover, if you’re a target of dry lips, the uber moisturizing formula of a lip gloss or a glossy lipstick will save your day (and your makeup look). 


MyGlamm Recommendation: K.Play Flavoured Lip Gloss

K.Play Flavoured Lipgloss is a high gloss lip gloss formula that delivers subtle pigment. It smoothly applies to the lips and gives you a true glass lustre. Very on-trend, this type of lipstick will keep your lips hydrated for long hours. Enriched with the goodness of jojoba oil and vitamin E, this lip gloss will not only give you a killer look but nourishment that your lips won’t forget.

Price: Rs. 595

Buy it here

Liquid Lipsticks



Another one of the most trendy types of lipstick, liquid lipstick is such that it comes in a liquid formula, packed in a tube. These types of lipsticks are found in varying formulas - matte, velvet, creamy, and even gloss. The upside of liquid lipstick is that its doe-foot applicator provides you with precise application. So when you’re in the mood for a serious lip-defining moment, grab onto your liquid lipstick set and paint your pout in the colour ‘selfie perfect’.

MyGlamm Recommendation: LIT Liquid Matte Lipstick

Infused with nourishing moringa oil, these liquid lipsticks by MyGlamm give you the benefit of long-lasting, comfortable wear, along with deep hydration. Get the best of both worlds with this matte liquid lipstick formula that doesn’t smudge or transfer. 

Price: Rs. 395

Buy it here


 Lip Chalks



Living up to its literal name, lip chalks are a type of lipstick that is legitimately cosmetic chalk that can be used to colour your lips. Lip chalks are gradually their way into the different types of lipsticks trending in the market at the moment. They are usually multi-purpose and can be used for your lips, eyes, and cheeks as well. Perfect for day occasions, you can use lip chalk to bring a soft touch of glam to your makeup look. 


MyGlamm Recommendation: Manish Malhotra Metallic Chalk


This is a multi-functional lip, eye, and cheek chalk that gives you a shot of intense pigment with a soft metallic touch of glam. If you’re someone who is looking for a monotone makeup look, this is the beauty buy of your dream. This type of lipstick is also suitable for any lazy bums who are always on the lookout for easy and quick ways to look pretty.

Price: Rs. 890

Buy it here

Lip Liner

Lip liners are one of the most amazing types of lipstick that create perfect outlines and give a well-defined shape to your lips. They make your lipstick last longer and prevent your lipstick from bleeding or feathering. For people having thin lips, lip liners also help in adding some volume to the lips. So the next time you think off buying a lipstick for yourself, don’t forget to get a lip liner too.

MyGlamm Recommendation: MyGlamm LIT Matte Lipliner Pencil

Intensely pigmented, this amazing lip liner is well-defined available in multiple beautiful colours. This lip liner has a matte finish, hydrating formula, prevents feathering upto 5 hours, and gives a sculpted and contoured look. 

Price: ₹ 445

Buy it here!

Lip Stain

Lip tints and stains are quite trending lipstick types and women are loving it today. They are a great way to add a touch of fresh flush of colours to your lips and cheeks both. They have a long-wearing formula, come in variety of pigmentations, and does not require any touchups throughout the day.

MyGlamm Recommendation: Tint It Up : Lip & Cheek Stain

MyGlamm’s Tint it up lip and cheek stain gives a natural and fresh glow on the face. It has a long wearing formula, light watery texture, easy to apply quality, and also gives a quite well buildable coverage. The best part about this lip stain is that it suits all skin types. 

Price: ₹ 695

Buy it here!


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Makeup is an art and every lipstick in your lip kit is your paintbrush. Experiment with different types of lipsticks and put your creativity into looking as glam as ever!

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