Traditional to Modern: 8 Different Styles Of Wearing Sindoor


What do most Indian brides have in common? It’s the famous sindoor. Other than the newlywed glow, you’ll often find brides sporting a red tint on their foreheads. The marker of a wedded woman, sindoor, brings along a sense of tradition and culture to your attire. Although it’s a very small part of your ensemble, it plays an important role. Whether you are a newlywed bride or one who sports this go-to accessory everyday (or during festivals), here are 8 ways in which you can style your sindoor. These modern sindoor styles pair well with Indian ethnic wear, as well as your contemporary western looks! Here’s how you can style them correctly.


Different Styles Of Wearing Sindoor 


Sindoor comes in different forms. You have loose powders, liquids, and crayon pencils. They come in a variety of red to orange hues. Depending on your desired look and how long you want it to last, you can take your pick from the array of sindoor products. Scroll down to see 8 different styles of wearing sindoor and how you can pair it with your Indian and western wear.


The Minimal Line

The Tiny Line -modern sindoor style

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This modern sindoor style fits in well with the traditional wear, as well as your basic jeans and t-shirt combo. A small, thin line that starts slightly below your hairline and goes down half an inch into your parting is controlled and minimal. It still gives off those bridal vibes like no other.


The Traditional Bride


modern sindoor style - traditional bride

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If you want to take the traditional route without going too over the top, this modern sindoor style will tickle your fancy. Great to pair with centre-parted hair that is tied into a low bun or low ponytail, this style works best with a saree or lehenga.

The Modern Bahu

sindoor style look for modern bahu

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Go in for a deeper red hue with this modern sindoor style! An amazing go-to for the newlywed bride who wants to show off her traditional side, while sticking to a more contemporary and modern Indian attire, this can be achieved best with a liquid or crayon sindoor stick. 


The Simple Dot

dot sindoor style

Image courtesy - Instagram

Don’t fill your parting entirely with this sindoor look. A wash of colour just below your parting is enough to make a statement. Pair it with your favourite bindi and you’re good to go!

The Faded End


faded end sindoor style

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Start strong at your hairline and then fade the sindoor into your hair. This modern sindoor style goes well with sarees, as well as jeans.


The Royal Bride


royal sindoor style

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If you want a modern sindoor style that reeks of royalty, then this one needs to be your go-to. The intense pigment that goes all the way down to the crown of your head looks best on slicked-back hair with a middle parting. 


The Accessorised Sindoor


accessorise sindoor style

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Feel free to pair your sindoor with a bindi. Now you can go small and tiny or you can go full-on bahu, and accessorise with one that screams bling! Either way, this modern sindoor style will look totally classy.


The Barely There


sindoor versatile style

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Whether you opt for a centre parting or a side parting, this modern sindoor style will look absolutely gorgeous. It’s one of those styles that is versatile –– open hair or tied up, jeans or saree, it literally matches well with anything. 


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There are different styles of wearing sindoor, and how you want to wear it is entirely up to you. Let these modern sindoor styles inspire you to sport this bridal accessory no matter what you wear –– from Indian to western.


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