5 Easy Creative Makeup Looks You Need To Try This Shaadi Season!

Creative Makeup Looks

Shaadi season is upon us and we bet you know at least one person who is getting married before 2022 commences. Wait, are you one of the brides whose wedding is on the charts soon? Because if you are, then you’re in for a merry treat! Whisper on the street tells us that brides are taking their game up with creative makeup looks, and we have the perfect recipe to ace it! Below listed are 5 creative makeup ideas for brides that can be spun out of any bridal makeup kit. So if you’re a bride who aims to go big for their wedding, these extra AF creative eye makeup looks are a sure thing to consider. These easy and creative makeup looks will make your wedding an extra memorable affair to remember. 


Easy And Creative Makeup Looks For Wedding Season

Show these creative makeup ideas to your bridal makeup artist, and I promise you that they will do wonders to your bridal makeup look. However, if you are a braveheart who is going sans makeup artist for your wedding, fret not, every entry in this list is a compilation of easy creative makeup looks for beginners to ace as well. Get your makeup products ready, because you’re going to be in for a ride!


1. Gradient Glitter



This creative makeup look for brides need bold shades of glitter eyeshadow in makeup kit to form a beautiful gradient look. 

How to create the look: 

Step 1: Prime your lids with an eyeshadow primer and apply it all over your lids evenly. Then blend a dark purple eyeshadow in your outer crease, with a hot pink eyeshadow in the middle of your lid. Now wet your eyeshadow brush and pick up a golden foil pigment. Gently tap the brush from your inner eye corner to the middle of your lid. 

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Step 2: Finish the look with a winged liner and fluttery false lashes for a dramatic effect. 


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2. Gradient Lips



Lined and gradient lips are a 90s trend that is making a huge comeback and this lip look is an easy creative makeup look for beginners. 


How to create the look:


Step 1: Start by lining your lips with a brown lip liner, and fill in your upper lip in a gradiant fashion. Then apply a red lipstick shade on your lower lip and blend the lower lip liner into it. Smack your lips against each other and you’re good to go!


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Step 2: Use a red eyeshadow to up your bridal makeup ante. Try to go for a metallic red eyeshadow and pair it with a white graphic liner and fluttery lashes.


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This is a multifunctional metallic lip, eye and cheek chalk that can turn any drab look to a fab glamm in a matter of seconds.  


3. Glitter Mania


This is a super easy yet glamm creative makeup look idea that can be recreated in a jiffy. This is truly the perfect creative makeup look for beginners. 


How to create the look:


Step 1: Start by blending a matte purple shade all over your lids and then top it off with sparkly glitter pigment in purple and silver shades. Line your lash line with a winged liner and apply false lashes.

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Step 2: Add dimension to your makeup look by adding a flush of colour to your cheeks. Swirl your blush brush in your blush pan, dust off the excess and sweep it across your cheekbones. 


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4. Colour Block Eyeshadow


This creative makeup look idea for brides is currently trending. It includes an eyeshadow look with a colour block trend. Pick muted undertones of your outfit pr jewelry and use that for your eye makeup look. 


How to create the look: 


Step 1: Blend a deeper shade on your outer crease, and a medium shade on the middle fo your lid. Add a shimmery light eyeshadow in your eye’s inner corner. Blend a balck eyeshadow shade near your lashline and finish with a winged eyeliner. 


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Step 2: Add a lipstick colour to match your outfit perfectly. 


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5. Graphic Glitter


This is one of the easy creative makeup looks that you can go for on your wedding day. It requires a simple eyeshadow blend with a twist of glitter eyeliner. 


How to create the look


Step 1: Start by blending a lilac eyeshadow shade all over your lids to form an even base. Then top it off with a violet shade and focus on the outer crease of your eye. Blend well to about harsh lines


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Step 2: Next, take eyeshadow glitter for your gradient eyeliner. If you have lose glitter or shimmer powder, mix the pigment with an eyeshadow primer to create a cream texture. Use this mixture to line the upper half crease of your inner eye corner, and then your lash line in a cat eyeliner fashion. Let it set. 

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Which creative makeup look or creative makeup idea did you like the most? Would you like to be a unique bride?

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