Chubby And Curvalicious

Perfect curves is the dream chubby stick that you have been looking for. We absolutely adore this product because of its so easy to use! Whether it’s the morning, afternoon, or evening our hectic schedules keep us moving from one place to another. The perfect curves chubby stick keeps up with your busy schedule and lets you touch up and get ready on the go! Here’s how it works;

The chubby stick has a crayon like appearance which is narrow at the end and wider at the base. The narrow end allows  you to precisely apply the product to the edges of your lip while the wider edge allows you to fill your lips with pigment in a jiffy. Moreover it’s so simple you can do all this on the go without needing a mirror!

The product itself is matte so it’s extremely neat and opaque, but unlike some matte lip products it goes on smooth which allows you to spread it out for a lighter coverage.

Because of its blendable nature  it is easily used as an on the go blush if you need some extra color. Simply apply some product onto your finger and then dab it onto the apples of your cheeks. Several of the colors are red or pink toned so they’ll seamless blend into your skin and have a natural finishing look.

Precise, matte,and mirrorless! What more could one ask for?


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