Chisel That Face Like Kim K With This Step By Step Contouring Tutorial

Contouring and highlighting has been around for years now, and every year we hear that it’ll finally go out of trend, but it refuses to budge! Sculpted face will never go out of style, let’s face it. When we talk about contouring and highlighting, the first name that comes to mind is the iconic Kim Kardashian West. Love her or hate her, you just can’t ignore the fact that the world of fashion and beauty closely watches what Kim K wears and she’s definitely a trend setter. 

Kim made the extreme contouring and highlighting popular. Her look has toned down a little bit lately but contouring and highlighting is still a major part of the look. So much so, that she launched makeup products solely dedicated to contouring and highlighting. 

See Chisel It Contouring Palette

To get her iconic look:

1. Use an illuminating face primer along with your foundation, or simply mix a shimmer powder with your foundation or moisturiser. It’ll give you the Kim K glow.

2. Next, use a concealer two shades darker than your foundation on your under eye. Kim likes a super bright undereye and it has kind of become the Kardashian signature look.

3. Use a cool toned cream face highlighter in the hollows of your cheeks, hair line and jawline.

4. Blend everything together using a damp beauty blender.

5. Set the base with a translucent fixing powder. You can even bake your undereye. 

6. Finish off with loads of mascara or false lashes, bold brows and a nude lip. 

Whether you want to go full on extreme Kim K, or create a milder, toned down version of her look, we are certain that you can take something from this and make it your own. 

Check out our lookbook to recreate this trend.


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