Black Lips Reasons & Tips: Your Complete Guide To Learn About Pigmented Lips And How To Look After Them!


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Your lips are probably one of the most neglected parts of your body. And they are the most exposed too! A perfect pout is easy to achieve when you have the right canvas to play around with. However, the moment your lips lose colour or start discolouring, getting that selfie-perfect smile can be hard to achieve. Plus you never end up getting the best possible colour out of any of your lip makeup products. So do you know about black lips causes? There can be many causes of dark lips –– it can vary from UV exposure to health indications, to even neglect. The point is to figure out what’s causing your lips to discolour and to treat your pout with the tender, loving, care it truly deserves. So without further ado, get ready to know some of the best reasons for dark lips!


Causes Of Dark Lips


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There can be many black lips reasons. Here’s a little class for you –– melanin is what typically gives your skin colour. More melanin means a darker skin tone, less melanin means a lighter skin tone. Pigmented or dark lips can be the result of hyperpigmentation caused by excess melanin production and is typically innocuous. Scroll down to see the causes of dark lips.





Darkened lips are a way of your body telling you that it’s not been given enough water. The way your skin acts all funny when you haven’t hydrated enough, your lips start to lose colour or pigment when you don’t moisturise enough. Always rehydrate them with a lip balm or a lip mask. And remember not to hydrate your lips with your saliva –– your saliva contains enzymes that dry out your pout, instead of nourishing it. This is one of the most common black lips reasons.


Sun Exposure




Been sitting in the sun too long? UV rays are another black lips reason and also impact the colour of your lips. Too much sun exposure can cause them to discolour and go darker than usual. The best is to apply lip balms with SPF in them so that your lips stay equally protected as the rest of your skin.





While a cup of Joe every now and again is great to wake you up, having too much caffeine can also cause your lips to darken. Next time reconsider the second cup, for the sake of your lips! This is another important black lips reason!


Not Exfoliating



Exfoliating is a must, if you want your lips to look pink and healthy. Light exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and keeps that pout healthy.


Not Enough Lip Care



Not using good lip care products is one important reason for dark lips. Invest in lip care products that’ll help nourish your lips. Treat your lips with equal care as you would your skin. Lack of lip care causes your lips to dry out, look dull, and eventually get darker.

Lip Care Tips To Prevent Dark Lips

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The formula is simple –– in order for your lips to retain their original colour, you need to ensure that you take the utmost care of them. No matter what the cause of lip discolouration is, showing it the tender, loving, care it deserves is the only way to prevent your lips from turning dark. So now that you know the black lips reasons, here’s what you can do to prevent the darkening of your lips.


Exfoliate With A Natural Scrub



Boost your blood circulation and get rid of dead skin cells by using a natural lip scrub. You can either opt for coffee or sugar granules to exfoliate your lips. You can even add a little bit of honey so that they get naturally moisturised.


Nourish With A Lip Balm



When in doubt, whip your lip balm out. Keep your lips moisturised with a good lip balm that’ll hydrate your parched pout, while adding a little sheen or tint to it. Lip balms really help keep your lips constantly hydrated and moisturised. And you don’t even need a mirror to apply it –– so feel free to use whenever and wherever you want.


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Meet the two-in-one lip balm tint that not only nourishes and cares for your lips, but also leaves it with a fun tint of colour. The formula delivers a sheer wash that changes according to your lip’s pH levels. It’s cruelty-free and is formulated without parabens, talc, and D5. If you’re looking for a daily lip balm that’ll leave a subtle pigment, then this one needs to be slipped into your handbag.

Look For Natural Ingredients In Your Lip Makeup

Opt for lipsticks or glosses that have natural ingredients like shea butter, almond oil, or lanolin –– these will naturally nourish your lips. Keep away from ingredients like parabens, dyes or lead.


Almond Oil Massage


Massage your lips once a week with almond oil or coconut oil, preferably after you exfoliate. This’ll give your lips the nutrients it needs to look healthy. 


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Dark lips are a conundrum a lot of people face. While the causes of dark lips aren’t very many, the solutions to prevent it from happening involve a whole lot of love and care. Treat your lips like you do your skin and you’ll be able to prevent it from happening.


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