Caring For Coloured Hair

We all love to keep up with the latest hair colour trends and no one denies that a colour job is all it takes to switch your look. But without the right kind of care, your coloured hair could fade. The fear of poor hair shouldn’t stop you from going crazy with your hair colour, so MyGlamm brings to you some tips to take care of your mane.

Start early to prevent damage- Taking care of your hair’s health by using hair masks and treatments before you colour it will strengthen your hair and get it ready for the process.

hair oil

Don’t wash your hair before you colour it- This will prevent possible scalp irritation.


Use colour protecting shampoo- Colour protecting shampoos have lower sulphate content that ensures your lovely colour does not wash off! There are even different shampoos available for different hair colours.


Rinse your hair in cold water- Hot water affects the hair cuticles and makes the colour fade faster.


Deep condition your hair- This will keep your hair strong and healthy which in turn will make the colour last longer.


Always use a swimming cap- Who doesn’t love a good dip in the pool? Unfortunately, the chlorine can make your colour fade faster. Use a little conditioner on your hair before swimming to stop the chlorine from penetrating into the hair shaft. And always, always use a swimming cap.


Use sun protection cream- Your skin isn’t the only thing that faces sun damage! Excessive exposure to the sun can make your hair colour lighten. Use a hair serum with SPF for protection. You can also use a hat or a scarf.


Trim your hair regularly- Colour lasts longer on strong hair without split ends.


Use dry shampoo- The less you wash your hair, the less likely it is that your colour will fade. Use dry shampoo in place of washing your hair.


Always use heat protectant- Protecting your hair from all that damage will help the colour last longer.


Don’t colour your hair too often- One in six weeks should be enough. Anything more, and you’re overdoing it.


Get a professional- No matter what dye you use, at-home colour jobs never end up as neat or long lasting and may actually damage your hair. Use professional services for everything, even your regular touch ups.


Now that you know how to take care of it, nothing should stop you from getting the hair colour you want!

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