Brush And Blend Your Way To Flawless Skin


Flawless looks with a beautiful and neat finish come with patience, precision and the perfect set of brushes. In the world of makeup, products are the the bricks and brushes hold everything together like cement. Perfect application is essential and for that very purpose so are a set of trustworthy high-quality brushes. MyGlamm provides you with a list of brushes to help you get the flawless finish you always wished for.

Perfect Curves Lip Brushes
This brush is perfect for sculpting and applying lipstick on your lips and making sure it stays within your lip shape. It is a brush with a tapered tip and firm bristles for controlled and precise application that helps in defining the contours of the lip. It works best with liquid and cream products.

This brush can be used to perfect your lips for an everyday office look or overline your lips and making them look plump for a night out or a party scene.

All Eye Need Shader Brush
This brush is used to blend out your eyeshadow and create the perfect mixture of dark-light eyeshadows on your eyes. The brush has soft bristles with a smooth round edge for layered application. The dense fibres of the brush are best suited to blend colours on the eyelid. This brush is really helpful to pack on pigment and create a bright and prominent eye look.

All Eye Need Blending Brush
This brush is used for shading, colouring and blending the eyeshadow in a precise and targeted manner. This brush is used to smooth out harsh lines and prevent any colour blocking during application.This brush is used to merge two colours together or to ensure a smooth and well blended finish at the crease or on your eyelid.

All Eye Need Tapered Blending Brush
This Brush is meant to be used for contouring and blending of shadow into the eyelid. It is a brush with tapered fibres that is best suited for sheer application and blending into the contours of the eye. Dark or highlighted colours can be applied in the crease of the eyelid or near the tear duct with this brush. It allows you to create the perfect smoky eye shadow makeup look.

Total Makeover Concealer Brush
This brush is an dense flat small paddle shaped brush that is ideal for spot concealing with colour correctors and concealers as well as concealing smaller precise areas, like under eye bags. This brush picks up the perfect amount of product as it is relatively dense and allows you to apply the product in the desired area without wastin

Chisel It Brush
The Chisel-It Brush is used for contour and as face highlighter. It is a full rounded brush that is perfect for applying blush on the cheeks as well as popping some highlighter and blending some contour. This brush can be used for all three tasks which eases application, stress and time management.

Total Makeover Foundation Brush
This dense large flat brush is perfect for applying large amounts of product onto your face. This foundation brush is flat allowing you to move product on your face without wasting any product. Its perfect for applying the foundation onto your face especially when you want some high coverage. It relatively hard to maneuver around the eyes and nose so ideally use a smaller brush for those areas.

Makeup Blender 
The Beauty blender brush is perfect for blending foundation into your skin. It creates an even layer of product over your face and seamlessly blends the product into your face and creates a flawless finish without streaks or uneven layers. The pointed edge allows for you to precisely apply product into smaller areas, like under your eyes and around your nose. The handle allows you to do all this without creating a mess and gives you some extra control over the blender.


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