D-Day Coming Up? Curate Your Own Bridal Makeup Kit With These Products


Thinking of building your makeup kit, but don’t know where to start? Fret not! The buildup to your wedding can be rather tasking. Having to think about every instance and every moment that leads to the big day is stressful, and you are bound to forget something or the other. We’ve got your back. These bridal makeup kit items list will make your life a lot easier and far more organised, especially with your makeup products. Scroll down to see everything and more you’d want in your makeup kit on your big day. 


Bridal Makeup Kit Items List

The big day is the most important day of your life when it comes to make-up and getting ready perfectly for your wedding day. Every person’s make-up requirement is different as per the face cut and skin type and so we recommend you create your own bridal makeup products list. Here are the bridal makeup kit items you need for your wedding day.



The first thing to apply on the face before you begin with makeup is primer. Primer prepares the base for your makeup and makes it smooth enough for proper makeup application. It hides the pores and reduces fine lines.


We recommend:


MyGlamm Tinted Perfection Brightening Banana Primer

This tinted yellowish banana primer conceals the pores and covers up any spot and fine line on the skin. It makes your skin ready for the perfect makeup.


To cover your uneven skin tone and pigmentation, concealer is highly recommended. A concealer is used to make flawless photogenic skin for your makeup look. Adding this to your bridal makeup kit list will be a wise decision.

We recommend:

Manish Malhotra Concealer

It helps to cover your blemishes and uneven skin tones.

Face Compact

Face Compact is important to finish your makeup, it helps to hold your makeup to last a long. It is the final touch to your whole makeup. Do include this in your bridal makeup items list.

We recommend

Manish Malhotra Compact

This compact gives you a matte finish and medium coverage with a natural-looking finish.


This one you can’t skip because after primer and concealer you need the foundation to give you a flawless look that will simply create the perfect balance for your skin.


A contoured look gives definition to your facial elements, improving your nose and cheekbones. It leaves you with an etched look for your day ahead. For beginners to the procedure and style, we suggest purchasing a little contour palette and more than adequate practice in advance.

We recommend

Pose HD Bronzer Duo

This bronzer has luminous high definition matte formula that enhances your facial features and gives the perfect edge to your look.


To give your cheekbones apple-like pinkish blushing, you need blush. Blush basically adds pinkish-redness to your cheeky apples making your makeup look complete.

We recommend

K.Play Flavoured Blush

Infused with fruity flavour and matty texture, this blush does magic to your cheekbones and will lift your makeup for a party look or wedding reception look.


What products are needed for bridal makeup?

The products required for bridal makeup can be listed under bridal makeup kit items, in this kit you will need, primer, concealer, foundation, face compact, bronzer, highlighter, blush, eyeliner, mascara, kajal, lip liner and lipstick.

How much does makeup kit cost?

A makeup kit can range from rs. 1000 to 10,000 depending on the items included in the kit.

What is the mini makeup kit?

A mini makeup kit has eyeliner, face powder, and lipstick for you to serve your basic need.

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Life will be a lot simpler if you make sure to include these in your bridal makeup kit items list. From cheeks to eyes, lips to nails we’ve got you covered.

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