Bridal Makeup Expert Cory Walia Spills His Makeup Secrets


Makeup expert Cory Walia has a special technique of making anyone and everyone look absolutely stunning. That's why he's the most coveted makeup artist for celebrities and brides. Now, he’s sharing his makeup secrets on how you can perfect your makeup game even if you’re a newbie.

Beauty Do's & Don'ts 

When it comes to beauty, Cory always urges everyone to adopt a healthy skin regime. He has 3 important do’s and don’ts which we need to inculcate into our daily life in order to avoid any makeup faux pas. He says 1.Do cleanse, tone & moisturize! 2. Make sure your foundation/concealer matches your skin tone and 3. Use a lip liner to outline and fill your lips in the closest shade to your lipstick.”

When it comes to the don’ts, he wants everyone to remember this, “Don't try to look several shades fairer with foundations”, he insists, “Don't go to bed with your make-up on and don't use eye make-up and ignore mascara.”

Common Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

As a makeup expert, Cory has seen a lot of makeup blunders but the most common ones are using the wrong foundation, using expired products and using way too much. He says “The common mistakes I see are wrong shades of foundation, meaning too pale or incorrect for Indian skin tones and lacking some percentage of yellow pigment. The other mistake is buying in bulk and hoarding make-up and allowing it to go past their expiry dates and the third is being influenced to cake on heavy makeup as seen online in videos that have been edited and photoshopped and listening to too many friends and not having a mind of one's own.”  

Are you guilty of making any of these mistakes? Well, it’s never too late to correct them.

Get The Perfect Bridal Makeup Look

Cory is known for his bridal makeup. He’s made so many brides' big day extra special by taking their beauty to the next level with his makeup expertise. While he can’t cater to each and every bride, he can do the next best thing and guide you through it. So, for all the brides-to-be out there who are determined to do their makeup on their own, this expert has some words of wisdom to help you look flawless on the most important day of your life. He says, “Brides who want to look fabulous on their own need to attend workshops on personal makeup, buy their designated HD products and practice before attempting to do their own bridal make-up, but it can be done!!”

If you’re a bride-to-be and don’t want to go heavy on the makeup, you can always opt for a minimalistic makeup look. It’s all the rage right now and best of all, it gives you a natural look while hiding any flaws.

“The minimalist bridal look is about getting the skin to look flawless with total preparation by using concealer and foundation and other products like soft creme blush, creme highlighter, and shaders to achieve beautiful dewy looking skin. Then gently define your eyes with brown/black kohl and nude/soft gold eyeshadow, mascara and contouring. It's very important to define the eyebrows perfectly so having the correct product for this is crucial. Then soft nude/pink/brown and coral colours to achieve the nude-yet-pretty lip and a hint of gloss or tinted lip balm is also great...” says this celebrity makeup artist. If you’re wondering what’s his go-to look then you’re in luck. Cory revealed that dewy skin, glamorous but soft eyes and sculpted cheeks with a soft glossy mouth is his favourite.

There’s a reason why he’s one of the most famous makeup artists for celebrity and brides. This make-up maestro always insists on maintaining a daily healthy, beauty regime and has passed down his wisdom to many young makeup professionals in the industry today. So, to conclude he shares some words of wisdom to anyone using or planning to use makeup.

“My best make-up advice is to get to know and understand your face and make friends with your image in the mirror. Learn what your correct, matching foundation tone is, in DAYLIGHT ..!!! he signs off.



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