Blow drying Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Today!

Blow drying is the biggest saviour for any girl suffering from a bad hair day. A blow dry not only gives you freedom to style your hair the way you want but also makes them manageable throughout the day. However, since most of us have been using a dryer very frequently, we often don’t know where we’re going wrong. Here’s a list of blow drying mistakes that we need to stop making from today:

Not Using Heat Protectants:

Always use a heat protector while blow drying your hair. Using a heat protectant will prevent your hair from heat damage. A heat protectant adds moisture to your hair while forming a protective barrier while either blow drying or curling or straightening your hair. Remember to pick a heat protectant spray that suits your hair type.



Using The Wrong Hairbrush:

For blow drying your hair, use only ceramic round brushes. They are apt for curling your hair as well as for a straight hair blow out. The barrel of the brush heats up from the heat of the dryer and can act as either a curling iron or a flat iron. Whether you want your hair to appear straight or curly depends on the technique you use while blow drying. Ceramic brushes are great for all hair textures and lengths. Which is why, it is absolutely safe to use a ceramic round brush while sitting for a blow dry.



Not Parting Your Hair:

Did you know? If you don’t section your hair before starting with a blow dry, it will make your hair frizzy. Yes, though we are in a rush most of the time, we tend to blow dry our hair without sectioning them, as it can be super tiring. But the benefit of sectioning your hair is that it makes the blowout far more manageable and less frustrating.


Using A Dryer On Wet Hair:


When you use a dryer on wet hair, there are high chances of them burning and getting damaged. Which is why, let your hair lose at least 30-40 percent of moisture before your section them and go ahead with a blow dry.



Not Knowing The Art Of Holding Your Dryer:

Though we don’t pay much attention to the positioning of a hair dryer, it plays a very important role in the process of blow drying. Holding the dryer and pointing it to your hair won’t help you get a flawless blow dry. For your hair to look perfect, you need to know the distance from which you need to blow dry your hair. If the hair dryer constantly keeps touching your hair, it can gradually damage them.



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