Black Graphics: A Chance To Go Wild With Liquid Eyeliner


Without a doubt, one of the hottest makeup trends for 2018 is the graphic eyeliner. From cat eye flicks to wings, this year is all about experimenting with your liquid eyeliner and giving your eyes a big, bold and beautiful look.

So, how do you rock the graphic eye makeup look in 2018? To help, we have some of the hottest looks to perfect and practice whether you want to master the basics or try something adventurous.

What you need

For graphic eyes, liquid eyeliner is a must as it is long wear and will last all day. Stay Defined is perfect as it is smudge-proof and sweat-proof, giving a great coverage without fading or flaking.

Primer is also essential to give you a smooth, flawless base so that your eyeliner can transfer on to skin with precise definition.

Three graphic eye tricks

Watercolour cat eye

Using a liquid kajal eyeliner, the watercolour cat eye is a thicker, less defined flick for a more casual look. As with a typical cat eye, flick out the line at the corner of the eyes but relax your hand to create a thicker, gentler flick. Draw eyeliner halfway along the lower lashes to the outer corner of the eye, to maintain the casual look. Remember to fill in any gaps within the flick to give a bold look.


A captivating look with eyeliner is a single dot under each eye. It is dramatic and easy to create, giving your eyes immediate impact that will get you noticed. With the dotty look, you need to get the placement right under each eye. It may be best to pencil mark the position first before you apply the eyeliner. Try and position the dot a quarter of the way in from the outside of the eye, just a millimetre below the lashes. Remember to twist the eyeliner to create a larger dot.


Frame your eyes with dramatic disconnected but perfectly angular lines. This trend works by creating small angular lines on the inner eye to accentuate a wide-eyed look. Then draw a sharp corner from the outer edge of your eye up to the point where your eyeshadow ends. Your eyeshadow should be subtle, while the eyeliner brings the attention. A rebellious and artistic trend to try.


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