Best Hair Serum For Dry Hair To Make Your Hair Manageable & Nourished


Are you looking for the best hair serums online to address all of your hair issues, from dryness to frizz to styling? Hair serum can be used to smooth your hair after washing it and to prevent it from heat styling. It also adds lustre, decreases frizz, and strengthens your hair while protecting it from damage. But, before opting for the best serum for dry hair, let’s dive in to know more about what ingredients you should look for in a hair serum to treat your hair with the love and care it deserves! 


Best Ingredients To Look For In A Serum for Dry hair




No matter how hard you try to keep the frizz in control, it doesn’t always work. But when you do give your strands some extra TLC with a hair serum, it can change the entire game. Read on to know which ingredients should you be looking for to nourish your mane well. 


Onion Seed Oil


To get those hair lengths again, look for the onion hair serum infused with onion seed oil in it. The onion is considered to be the superfood ingredient that is known for its nourishing and strengthening effect.  


Moringa Oil


Moringa oil helps fight against dryness and frizziness and strengthens your hair follicles from root to tip. So, a serum infused with this is just the one that you need to pick.



Argan Oil


And what ingredient is better than the oil that can work as UV protection for your scalp? Yes, you’ve heard it right! Argan oil present in a hair serum acts as a UV protector that can prevent your hair from getting damaged by harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun as well as heat styling products. 


What Are The Other Benefits Of Using a Serum Specified For Dry Hair




The anti-frizz properties of hair serum can do wonders to your hair in several different ways. Let’s take a closer look at the other magical benefits of serum for rough hair.  


Fights Frizz and Damage


The hair serum gently moisturises, detangles, and gets rid of your hair frizzes quite easily. The silicone base present in the hair serum adds weight to your weak hair strands and even locks your natural curl pattern.


Protects Hair


If the hair serum is infused with argan oil, it will protect your hair from the harmful UV rays, heat styling, and other chemical haircare products which you have used earlier and damaged your hair badly. 


MyGlamm Recommends The Best Serum For Dry Hair


Made with the unique formula of superfood ingredients, we’re going to present you the best serum for dry hair to get that lustrous-looking tresses all over again! 


MyGlamm Superfoods Onion And Moringa Shampoo



Uniquely formulated with ingredients such as onion seed, moringa, and argan oil, this onion hair serum is the perfect solution to all your hair woes. This anti-hair fall serum replenishes and strengthens your hair like magic! The onion seed oil present in the hair serum prevents hair breakage and keeps them super soft. Its sweet scent will leave your senses delightful and make you feel rejuvenated after each application. This is the hair serum that makes you fall in love with your hair, all over again!  


Price- Rs 399

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So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself the best serum for dry hair and your strands will feel nourished and smooth.