4 Of The Best Oils For Split Ends That You Need To Try Out ASAP!


There are two constants in every Indian childhood- turmeric milk and hair oil massages. The tried and tested solution for everything hair related has stood the test of time. Although you probably hated it as a child, you can’t help but admit that it’s the ultimate go-to for all your hair care woes, including split ends. The best hair oils for split ends usually nourish and strengthen the root of the hair, condition the cuticle, and slowly reverse the damage caused to the hair.

Best Ingredients To Look For In A Split Ends Hair Oil

Ingredients To Look For In A Split Ends Hair Oil

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Remember, split ends are usually the result of damaged and weak hair. And if left untreated, it could lead to hair fall and breakage. So it’s best to nip it in the bud and use the best oil for split ends to avoid the consequences.


Look out for these ingredients when picking the best oil for split ends!


Onion Seed Oil


This all-in-one oil is perfect to treat all hair problems –– from strengthening the hair right from the root, to nourishing it all the way to the tip. Onion hair oil reverses the damage, while boosting hair growth, and protecting the hair from further trauma.


Moringa Oil


A great scalp cleanser, moringa deep cleans hair and exfoliates dead skin cells. Moringa oil is one of the best split ends hair oil great for treating dandruff and fighting split ends, and moisturising the scalp –– especially if you’ve got dry hair. Less dry hair equals less breakage and split ends.


Bhringraj Oil


Like moringa oil, bhringraj oil also acts like a scalp cleanser for a dry, dandruff ridden scalp. Loaded with nutrients, this oil promotes hair growth, reduces hair loss, prevents split ends, while leaving hair soft and super lustrous. It’s one of the best oil for split ends!


Almond Oil


Looking for long, strong, and healthy hair? In that case, almond oil is your BFF. This nutty oil treats breakage and pretty much eradicates those split ends. It also protects the cuticles from over styling. Rich in antioxidants, almond oil promotes hair growth, while shielding your hair from the environment too. 


Coconut Oil


Who doesn’t use coconut oil on their hair? Everyone does! But not everyone knows that it has lauric acid present in it which perfectly nourishes your hair and makes it shiny. Coconut oil also fights against frizzy and damaged hair and reduces hair thinning. 


Castor Oil


Have you already lost much hair and looking for a permanent solution to get it back, look no back with castor oil! Castor oil is one of the most effective, in fact, the best oil for split ends having the tendency to grow your hair faster and decrease the chances of hair breakage and thinning. Also, it eliminates dandruff woes, so look for the hair oil that has castor oil in it, and you’re sorted!


Sesame Oil 


Did you know that sesame oil acts as sunscreen for your hair? This hair oil also delays the premature greying of hair and prevents your hair from getting damaged due to harmful UV rays. It also prevents dandruff, hair fall, and hair thinning. So, look for the hair oil that must have sesame oil in it, apply it to your hair, and your tresses will thank you later. 

What Are The Other Benefits Of Using A Split Ends Hair Oil

Benefits Of Using A Split Ends Hair Oil

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Hair oils for split end work better in unison –– this means that a blend of three to four different oils will give you the best results. Here’s why you need to be using a hair oil that’s formulated to fix those pesky split ends and give you the smooth and shiny hair of your dreams.



Strengthens The Hair


The first step to preventing split ends is to strengthen the hair from the root. Buy the best oil for split ends ensuring your hair is strong enough to take the heat, without breaking or splitting.


Reduces Frizz


The less the frizz, the fewer the split ends. Using an oil designed to combat split ends entails that it’ll also take care of the unnecessary frizz.


Treats Scalp Conditions Like Dandruff


A healthy scalp promotes healthy hair. Hair oils for split ends contain antibacterial properties that ensure scalp conditions like dandruff or dry scalp are treated. Since dry hair tends to split easily, using an oil moisturises it so that breakage is less prevalent. 


Here’s Our Recommendation For The Best Hair Oil For Split Ends

Split ends are the result of many factors and figuring it out can be rather difficult. When choosing a hair oil online, keep in mind that in order to combat split ends you need to combat the factors that could be causing them too. A blend of different ingredients that tackle split ends, strengthen hair, and prevent breakage, is what you need to be looking out for in your hair oil.

MyGlamm Superfoods Onion & Moringa Hair Oil

A potent hair oil that comes with a blend of cold-pressed onion seed, moringa, bhringraj, sesame, castor, and almond oils that strengthens the hair, reduces hair fall, nourishes the scalp, and maintains sebum production. Packed with heat-protection, it prevents the hair and scalp from the damages of UV rays too.

Go Anti Hair Fall Hair Oil

Go Anti Hair Fall Hair Oil

Enriched with sweet almond oil, ginseng oil, and black seed oil, this magical hair oil is one of the best oil for split ends that helps you reduce hair fall. Along with reducing hair fall, it also helps your hair become less prone to split ends keeping your scalp hydrated and moisturised.

₹ 749

Buy here!

Hair Oil For Hair Strengthening

Hair Oil For Hair Strengthening

Packed with feel-good ingredients such as juniper berry, clary sage, eucalyptus, and lemon, the hair oil strengthens your hair and makes them stronger and thicker. 

₹ 489

Buy here!

Go Long Onion Hair Oil

Go Long Onion Hair Oil

If you want to reduce hair fall, amplify hair growth, and achieve the natural shine and strength of your hair, this is the perfect and in fact the best oil for split ends. Packed with ingredients such as coffee oil, onion oil, and Brahmi extracts, this hair oil is magical that’ll do wonders for your hair!

₹ 524

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The villain in pretty much everyone’s haircare dreams is split ends. The good thing is that you’re not the only one sailing in that boat. The solution to solving all your hair woes is simple –– adding split ends hair oil to your barrage of haircare products. This’ll take care of split ends, and leave you with long, strong, healthy, and shiny hair too


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