Best Beauty Podcasts To Listen To While Quarantined

beauty Podcast During Quarantine

With the coronavirus lockdown extended in India, many of you are probably trying your best to keep busy and not spiral down the rabbit hole. If you have already finished the list of things to do while quarantined and even done watching all your favourite Netflix shows, well, we’ve got a brand-new list that will definitely keep you entertained until we are safe to venture out into the world again. This new list is sure to pique your interest whether you’re a beauty addict or not. We’re talking about beauty podcasts. We’ve created an entire list that ranges from basic beauty podcasts to award-winning beauty business podcasts, all of which are sure to keep you entertained during self-isolation.

So without further ado, here are 7 of the best beauty podcasts, you should download and start listening to right away while quarantined at home. Take advantage of this time and re-evaluate your beauty regimen, upgrade your routines and even update yourself on all things beauty and who knows, by the end of it all, you'll be a beauty guru yourself.

1. Fat Mascara

This award-winning podcast is hosted by Teen Vogue's Jessica Matlin and Marie Claire's Jennifer Goldstein and they talk about all things beauty. From beauty trends, bizarre beauty crazes, need-to-know brands and products, beauty products worth investing in, this is your all-you-need-to-know podcast that’s informative and entertaining.

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2.  Glowing Up With Esther and Caroline

Aside from the catchy opening song that will leave singing glow, glow, glow all day long, the podcast is hosted by comedian Esther Povitsky and writer Caroline Goldfarb, so you know it’s going to be funny. From skin care to makeup, the hosts leave no stone unturned in this beauty podcast and their hilarious take on beauty definitely puts a refreshing twist to this beauty chat. If you’re looking for a little laugh while learning about beauty, then this is the podcast you need to listen to while quarantined.

Link: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/232357662012596279/

3. Gloss Angeles

Beauty reporter Kirbie Johnson and editor Sara Tan share their opinion on all things makeup, skincare, and wellness while mixing in a bit of pop culture and celebrities as well. From talking about the hush-hush beauty treatments in Hollywood to tips on how to take care of yourself while self-isolating, if you are a quarantined newbie in fashion and beauty then this is the podcast for you.

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4.  The Beauty Brains

If you want beauty-related answers from professionals, then this is the podcast you should be listening to. Cosmetic chemists, Valerie George, and Randy Schueller give out professional advice when it comes to makeup as well as skin care, saving you time and money. On this podcast, they answer questions like ‘does diet affect acne’ and ‘Is high-end lipstick better than store brand lipstick’, so if you have a beauty related question then chances are you’ll find the answer on this beauty podcast.

PC: @kris_beauty_corner

5. The Beauty Closet

If you are into clean, non-toxic beauty then tune in to The Beauty Closet. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Netflix show The Goop Lab is already a cult favourite and now fans can even get the down-low on everything from sustainable beauty to interviews with LGBTQ activists, through this podcast. Hosted by Beauty editors Jean Godfrey-June and Megan O’Neill, this beauty podcast caters to women of all ages.

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6. Breaking Beauty

If you want all the tea on the latest in makeup and beauty, then this is the beauty podcast for you. Two longtime magazine beauty editors, Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins talk about breakthrough beauty products and the stories that go along with them. So, if you want to know the history behind your favourite lipstick or any other makeup product then download this beauty podcast ASAP and use this quarantine time to expand your knowledge on beauty.

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7. On the Line

Hosted by Estée Lalonde, on the line is a beauty podcast like no other. Aside from getting special guests every day, she also crowdsources questions from listeners who call or email. What makes this beauty podcast different from the rest is that nothing is off-limits. While quarantined during this coronavirus outbreak, you can learn if you’re cleaning your skin the right way or even learn about the best hair styling tools that get the job done.

PC: @esteelalonde

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