7 Benefits Of Using Primer Before Going In With Makeup


If there’s one thing that’s sacrosanct in the world of makeup, it has got to be primer. There’s no excuse for skipping a primer and there’s no forgiveness for when you do either. Think of primers as the foundation to your...well, seamless foundation. It creates a clean canvas for all the face makeup products that are yet to come. Finding the right primer that works for your skin is essential, and it will take a few tries till you find the one. But, when you do...boy! are you going to see and feel your base in a whole new light. Still think that it isn’t essential? These primer benefits are surely going to change your mind (and your life). Read on to find out more.

Benefits Of Primer

Primers do exactly what their name says –– they prep and prime your skin for makeup products that are yet to follow. Applying primer just makes your makeup application smoother and more long-lasting. A smidge of this product goes a long, long way –– read on to find out the benefits of primer and how it does more than just prepping your skin.

Blurs Those Pores

Pores don’t open and shut the way you think they do. However, they do tend to stretch and look bigger. Applying a primer, especially a pore blurring one, helps minimise the appearance. 


Makeup Glides On Smoothly 

You will often notice that your skin tends to feel rough when you don’t apply a primer before your foundation. Application of your makeup just doesn’t feel right –– it doesn’t apply smoothly and seamlessly. When a primer is applied prior to your other base products, it provides your skin with a nice velvety texture.


It’s Universal 

Most primers are actually colourless or have a very slight tint of colour, unlike concealers and foundations. This means, it is suited for all skin types and skin colours, and you really don’t have to hunt for shade specific primers.



Try this! On one side of your face wear your concealer or foundation without a primer. On the other side, wear a primer. You will notice that the non-primed side will start fading away sooner than it’s primed counterpart. Primers increase the longevity of your makeup and make it last longer by withstanding factors like heat and sweat.


Mattifies Oily Skin

If you’ve got oily skin then primers are a Godsend. No, like really! Primers remove any excess oil present on the surface and also create a barrier that prevents your pores from producing any more oil during the wear. This allows your makeup to stay perfect and oil-free for longer periods of time. So say bye bye to shiny midday skin, cause your primer is going to take care of that. 


Hydrates Dry Skin 

Depending on the primer used, you’ll find that if the product has nourishing ingredients it’ll hydrate your skin and leave it with a radiant glow. A primer is an instant pick-me-up and keeps your skin moisturised under layers of makeup –– this prevents any damage to your skin too.


Reduces Redness And The Appearance Of Blemishes

Primers help in reducing any redness caused by inflammation. Depending on the ingredients present it can also soothe your skin. When it comes to acne, a good primer can help you get the most out of your concealer and foundation. This helps you cover those blemishes without being too obvious or cakey!


MyGlamm Recommends: Tinted Perfection Face Primer



Looking for the perfect base? You need the right primer in order to do so! This one reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines, and evens out your skin’s texture. It controls shine and keeps your makeup in tact and makes it look perfect. The matte finish makes it perfect for creating a seamless base for your foundation. It’s got a silky lightweight texture that will flatter your skin tone.

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Primers really do hold the superpowers to getting the most out of your makeup products. If you don’t prime your skin before application, you’ll find that your makeup doesn’t last long, your skin won’t have that velvety smooth finish, and your pores would be more visible. Prepping your skin is literally the first step to great makeup, so skipping your primer is an absolute no-no! The benefits of primer truly outweigh any cons you think it might have. Don’t believe us? Try it out and see the difference...you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 



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