Hyaluronic Acid Benefits For Skin: These 8 Hyaluronic Acid Benefits Will Give Your Skin Hydration And Protection!


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Nobody likes dry, parched skin, especially when your skin could give the Sahara Desert a run for its money. Picture this. You’re out for a run in the blazing sun! What’s the first thing you reach out for when you get a chance? A nice tall glass of water! Similarly, your face loses water when it’s exposed to heat. And if you don’t rehydrate it, it starts looking and feeling parched. Hyaluronic acid is that quenching glass of water your skin needs to refresh it –– and much more. It is the best ingredient to incorporate into your routine to bring back that glow and soft, supple feeling to your complexion. Think of Hyaluronic Acid as that friend who gets along with everyone and is the life of every party. You can use it with any other ingredient in your routine and it works for all skin types. Here are some hyaluronic acid benefits for skin and why you should incorporate it into your routine, no matter what your skin type.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a slippery substance produced by the body naturally. It’s also known as hyaluronan or hyaluronate. The largest amount of this acid is found in your skin, connective tissue, and eye


Benefits Of Hyaluronic Acid For Skin


Hyaluronic acid is the key natural molecule found in tissue and fluid in your skin and eyes. As you age your body’s natural collagen and hyaluronic acid levels take a nosedive, resulting in ageing and dry skin. Plus, extreme weather changes (hello dry air-conditioned room, humid and hot outdoors) and an incorrect diet (yes, we’re addressing you black coffee), also leads to dehydration. To combat it externally, a lot of skincare products have this ingredient present in their formulation. The Hyaluronic acid benefits for skin go beyond just rehydrating. Read on to find out more.


Promotes Plump Skin


Hyaluronic acid is imperative in moisturising the skin and alleviating its elasticity. The more hydrated your skin is, the bouncier it’ll appear and feel. It retains the water molecules and ensures that your skin is thoroughly moisturised.


Acts As A Humectant


In simple terms, hyaluronic acid is the sponge that absorbs all the moisture from the environment and locks it into your skin. And once again hydrated skin equals happy skin. Tip: To make the most of your hyaluronic acid, ensure you apply it on damp skin. And if you’re using a hyaluronic acid based serum, then always follow up with a moisturiser to lock-in that goodness. This is one of the Hyaluronic acid benefits for skin.

Creates A Protective Barrier


Another hyaluronic acid benefit for skin is it strengthens your skin’s natural barriers –– this helps lock in the moisture and prevent further loss in the future.


Improves Skin Texture


Hydrated skin means tighter and plumper skin, which in turn helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Paired with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid also helps lighten pigmentation and dark spots.


Aids In Cell Regeneration


Thanks to the added hydration and protection from the hyaluronic acid, your skin cells can now focus on regenerating. Healthier skin cells mean brighter, plumper skin and reduced fine lines and wrinkles. It’s one of the best hyaluronic acid benefits for skin.


Reduces Fine Lines and wrinkles

One of the most effective hyaluronic acid uses for skin is it reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The skin around the eyes shows up with fine lines and wrinkles first. Using an eye cream infused with hyaluronic acid keeps the skin supple and hydrated, preventing new lines from forming. 

Speeds Up Wound Healing

Another hyaluronic acid benefits for skin is it speeds up wound healing. It helps wounds heal faster by regulating inflammation levels and signalling the body to build some more blood vessels in the damaged area. Because of the antibacterial properties present in hyaluronic acid, it reduces the risk of infection when applied directly to wounds.

Relieves Dry Eye & Discomfort

One of the best hyaluronic acid benefits for skin is it relieves dry eye and discomfort. Since this magical ingredient is very good at retaining moisture, it helps in relieving dry eye. Not only does this reduce dry eye but improves eye health too.

MyGlamm Recommends hyaluronic acid-infused beauty products


Hyaluronic acid is a trending ingredient that can be found in a lot of beauty products. From hydration to anti-ageing, there’s nothing much it cannot do. Whether you choose a moisturiser, serum, or eye cream, you cannot go wrong with hyaluronic acid-infused products. Make the most of this ingredient and soak in all the hyaluronic acid benefits these products have to offer.

A rich cream moisturiser that keeps skin hydrated. Infused with hyaluronic acid and natural oil emulsions, it heals damaged skin and locks in moisture –– so you’re protected and hydrated all day long. The lightweight formula makes it perfect for all skin types, including oily and acne-prone skin.

Youthfull Hydrating Moisturising Gel With Water Bank Technology

This gel moisturiser instantly replenishes lost moisture, thanks to its unique aqua-holding formula. It soothes irritated skin that has been damaged due to overexposure to UV rays. Ingredients such as liquorice, turmeric, and coco grass act as anti-inflammatory agents. The lightweight texture allows for non-sticky application.

Glow Iridescent Brightening Moisturising Cream

This moisturiser nourishes the skin and brightens it –– it’s a great pick me up for dry and dull skins. The hydro crystal complex system locks in the moisture, leaving your skin with an iridescent radiance.

Youthfull Hydrating Eye Cream With Water Bank Technology

An eye cream is a must-have skincare product in every kit. This one, in particular, is formulated to nourish and firm your under-eye skin. It reduces puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines while preventing water loss by moisturising the skin. The best part is you can even use it for the rest of your face, as well.



Is hyaluronic acid good for dry skin?


Yes, hyaluronic acid works wonders for dry skin. It attracts moisture from the environment and locks it in, ensuring the layers of your skin are moisturised.


Is hyaluronic acid good for oily skin?


Yes. It is a gentle hydrator that helps maintain a balance of water and oil in your skin. It helps regulate sebum production and leaves you with an overall healthier complexion. 


Is hyaluronic acid good for acne-prone skin


Hyaluronic acid helps reduce redness caused by acne. Since it controls oil production and protects the skin barrier, it also helps prevent further breakouts, making it good for acne-prone skin.


Is hyaluronic acid good for combination skin?


Hyaluronic acid gives combination skin a healthy, dewy glow. It also helps control the oil production in your t-zone.

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If there was an award for most talked about skincare ingredient, hyaluronic acid would bag it, no doubt. This multi-purpose ingredient is the solution to hydrated and happy skin –– no matter what your skin type. The benefits of hyaluronic acid for skin goes beyond what meets the eye, layers deep into your face –– and with so many skincare products infused with this magical ingredient, there’s no denying its popularity.


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