The Trendiest Diwali Nail Art Designs That Are Going To Make You Sparkle Through The Festive Season


Think Diwali and you’re instantly served with imagery of shimmer, glitter, and all things shiny. With family dinners, card parties, and events coming down the pike, and as you start getting your outfits and beauty looks together to get on board with your festive calendar. What better way to up your style game than dipping your fingertips in festive nail art? 

To help you get as hyped up as we are for Diwali, we rounded up the best, most festive, sparkliest nail ideas and designs of 2021. From minimalist designs to over-the-top artistry, there’s a nail art to help you celebrate Diwali in style. Ahead, find seven of our favourite bold, colourful, and festive ideas from Instagram’s mani maestros that are guaranteed to rake in all the compliments. 

The Best Nail Art Designs For Diwali


Pick your favourite, take a screenshot of it, and then practice your DIY skills ( or if you’re anything like me, simply stare in awe of how pretty they are). Scroll on for diwali nail art ideas that’ll make your heart sing. 


Types Of Nail Art Designs


Gold French Manicure

Image Credits: Instagram


The best way to upgrade your go-to minimalist french mani? Trade in the regular white nail tips with a gold one and be prepared to make a polished, fashion-forward statement. It makes for a perfect manicure for the sparkle-inclined. With a sheer neutral base with a hit of gold, this manicure proves that minimal can be festive and fun too.


Pink Marble Nails With Accents Of Gold

Image Credits: Instagram


If you want a subtle design, opt for a clear or light pink base, then add accents of gold or silver to each nail. It’s party-appropriate and it’ll perfectly match with the festive outfits you’re going to wear to all the festive events in your social calendar. 


Silver Ombre Nail Art

Image Credits: Instagram


High-shine molten metals are legit one of the biggest trends to look out for in 2021. This style is super versatile and gives the freedom to experiment with hues. Think silvers, golds, and chromes. A perfect nail art for festivities, this one tops our list. Being one of the best nail art designs there ever is, this is one stunner that you can’t miss bookmarking.


French Mani With Stars

Image Credits: Instagram


French mani became popular again this past summer, and early  aughts babes can rest easy because the craze hasn’t died down one bit. Opt for a sparkly take on the classic French mani, which adds a golden star drawn along the side of the nails. The nail art screams festive season!


Magnetic Polish To Turn Heads

Image Credits: Instagram

Yeah, metallic nails are having a moment. The mani is basically equivalent to a tight, sparkly, bodycon dress - it’s fun, glittery, and there’s a time and place for it (it's not necessarily an everyday look). This christmas nail art gives off major festive energy, and the magnetic texture keeps it from looking tacky. 


Glitter To Take Your Glamm Up A Notch

Image Credits: Instagram


The nail  includes classic bude colour, and what says Diwali better than gold sparkles?  Whether you’re fond of going minimal and simple or you’re the one screaming extra, whether you love boasting bling or are a true rooter of subdued, this nail art design can be the one to call on. It glistens from every angle making it a perfect mani for trend-obsessed folks. 

Negative Space Nail Art

Image Credits: Instagram

The biggest nail trends of 2021 are remarkably similar to those that took over 2001. The resurgence of vintage-inspired trends brought lots of red lipstick and nails. This one in particular will never go out of style. Thanks to the versatility of red nails, it looks equally good with both Indian and western wear. P.S.: Look for a creamier, deeper shade rather than cherry red if you’re exacting, just like us.

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Now that you know the best nail art for the festive season, go get to work ladies!



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