11 Exercises For Hair Growth That’ll Help You To Achieve Healthier & Longer Locks


Getting Rapunzel-like tresses is no easy task - ask anyone who’s gobbled down countless vitamin E supplements and biotin pills only to be greeted with the same lackluster strands. There are a lot of factors that contribute to healthy hair growth, but one of the most overlooked is physical exercise. Yup, turns out, there are certain exercises for hair growth that make your strands look more Blake lively-esque.


To help you figure out how to make your hair grow faster, we scoured the internet to find the best exercises for hair growth. Intrigued? Keep scrolling through to know them all. 

Best Exercises For Hair Growth

In our quest to save and manage our hair, we landed upon an interesting fact: working out doesn’t only help our body, it can help our hair too. Ahead, find the 10 exercises to increase hair growth. Incorporate these in your daily workout routine to get the luscious locks of your damn dreams.

Neck Exercise


Exercising your neck muscles is an excellent way to help your hair grow out. Simple movements of your head like front-to-back and side-to-side are the way to go for this trick to work. 

Breathing Exercise

The core of yoga, the breathing exercise is also known as Kapalbhati pranayam, literally meaning ‘skull-shining’, can also aid hair growth. Not only that, but it also helps in preventing premature greying as well as hair loss. 

Head Inversion

Inverted poses work by increasing blood flow to the head. Thus, promoting lustrous mane. You may want to get a head massage to stimulate the hair follicle before hanging upside down for some minutes to increase the blood flow to the scalp. 


The wildly popular cardio exercise can also help stimulate hair growth. How? They stimulate blood flow around the body and the head, which aids in getting thicker, longer hair. It also promotes healthy hair growth by pushing out dead cells and helping regenerate the new ones. 


Sarvangasana is also known as shoulder stand is a full-body exercise, which works on different muscle groups. It enhances blood circulation in your head. Daily practice of the pose has a long-lasting effect on your hair. Sarvangasana is especially beneficial for folks with dry and thin hair. 


Balasana refers to a child's pose and does not refer to the hair. However, it combats the two biggest factors that contribute to hair fall aka stress and digestive issues. It relieves stomach-related issues and can help with anxiety as well, making a positive impact on your hair health. 


The thunderbolt pose or vajrasana is simple yet quite effective. It deals directly with stomach-related issues, which plays a major role as far as hair fall is concerned. It's beneficial in hair growth as nutrients are absorbed by the body better when your digestion is in top form. Thus, it's one of the best exercises for hair growth. 


Uttanasana popularly known as the camel pose is one of the best exercises for hair growth but it takes some time to master. The yoga pose relaxes as well as stretches muscles. Thereby, increasing the oxygen levels and blood flow to the head. This, in turn, enables hair follicles to be strong . It not only improves the quality and texture of your hair but also makes it shinier. 


Known as the fish pose, this is among the most effective and popular asanas for long, strong, and healthy hair. It’s quite easy to practice and can be done at home quickly without the need of any equipment. This exercise for hair growth is also known to combat a number of hair woes.

Balayam Yoga

There are some acupressure points in our body when utilized appropriately can work wonders. Balayam is a yoga asana where massaging of the acupressure points related to hair growth is done with fingertips. This exercise for hair growth also helps in preventing dandruff and premature greying. 

Downward Dog Posture

This exercise for hair growth works by supplying healthy blood flow to the scalp stimulating hair follicles. Thus, promoting healthy hair growth. 


  1. Try to avoid haidos that are too tight and do not use elastic bands as it snaps the hair as you move.

  2. Eating a well-balanced diet is prerequisite for healthy hair. Incorporate food rich in iron, omega-3, and vitamin A into your diet to promote hair growth. 

  3. Consume a lot of water to keep your scalp hydrated. Not drinking enough water can make your strands dull, dry, and brittle.

  4. Avoid heat styling your hair as much as you can!

  5. Brush your hair as gently as possible without pulling.


Do exercises help hair growth?

Yes, exercise helps in promoting healthy hair growth.

Does exercise affect hair growth?

When we exercise blood circulation increases, allowing for more nutrients and oxygen to get to your scalp. Eating food rich in iron and omega-3 will give your hair an extra boost to promote healthy hair growth. 

How long does it take from exercise to grow hair?

There are many factors that influence healthy hair growth. In addition to exercising, proper diet, sleeping routine, lifestyle, and other hereditary conditions determine the rate of growth of your hair. 

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Try these exercises for hair growth to give Rapunzel a stiff competition!


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