80's Makeup Looks You Need To Try ASAP!

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After a year-long wait, Stranger Things is finally back with its 3rd season. While the show taught us about the Upside Down, Demogorgons and the Mind Flayer, it also gave us a little insight into 80’s fashion! Gen-Z and Millennials everywhere were left in awe with their over-the-top hairdos, bright eyeshadows, and crazy outfits. But don’t be surprised! The Rockin’ ’80s was all about standing out with their eccentric fashion and bold makeup.

It’s safe to say that people in this era really knew how to make a statement and have all eyes on them! While you would really need to be a risk-taker to pull off some of these looks in today’s time, there are a few that are doable even if you're a makeup newbie. So, get out your eyeshadow palette, it’s finally time to use those bright hues you were avoiding!

*No Major Spoilers Ahead* so you can continue reading even if you haven’t seen the latest season of Stranger Things yet!

Blue Blood 
In the very first episode of season 3, Karen Wheeler a.k.a. Mike’s mom, rocked those blue and pink lids while relaxing poolside. This two-toned combination might only be for the brave of heart, but you can put your own spin on this look by opting for just one colour.

Blue or more specifically electric blue was the most popular shade back in the day and guess what? It’s back! Celebs have already started rocking blue lids in public and on the red carpet as well.

Want to get on board with this trend? Then all you need is the obvious blue liner and eyeshadow as well as mascara, highlighter, and lip gloss to achieve this look. You could either opt to create a blue shadow around your eyes or wing it with your blue liner just like MyGlamm’s makeup expert Jason Arland.

Pretty In Pink

Milly Bobbie Brown proves that life really does imitate art. The actress, who is known for playing Eleven or El on the hit series, showed us how a very prominent blush + pink eyeshadow and a bit of draping can totally change your face shape. This is why draping is the new contouring!

This 80’s look has garnered a lot of attention in the past few months. For this,  you will need all your pink shades, be it blush or eyeshadow! Start by covering your lids with a pink shade and don’t be afraid to take it all the way down to your cheeks and temples. With this combination and a bit of draping, you can take your makeup game from a 10 to an 11.

Purple Patch 

If you loved Will's purple coloured D&D cape, then good news! Purple eyeshadow is also in! Shimmery purple eyeshadow is making a comeback and Victoria’s Secret model Shanina Shaik dazzled us with her own take on this look. 

80’s makeup is mostly highlighting one feature while keeping the others subtle. Make your eyes pop by creating a purple shadow around your lids and add definition to your eyes by applying liner and mascara as well. Complete your look with a little blush and nude lipstick.

Bitchin' Pink

It wasn’t only about the eyes in the ’80s. Barbie pink lips were another timeless classic. Shannon Purser a.k.a Barb may no longer be on the show, but she hasn’t stopped taking inspiration from the ’80s. During a public appearance, the actress opted for hot pink lipstick which flawlessly matched with her floral ensemble.
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This look is a classic and you’ve probably already rocked bright pink lips, but you can take it up a notch by adding a bit of gold to your lips. With just a hint of blush and a bit of eyeliner, with this look, you’re sure to stand out wherever you go.

And there you go! Looks from the ’80s that are totally doable even today and with Stranger Things out, now is the perfect time to try these makeup looks to show your love for the show and the ’80s!