Beauty Trends We Want To Avoid In 2018


While 2017 gave us some awesome beauty trends, it was also the year that offered some very eccentric ones. While we are taking the best trends forward, here are some outlandish and insensible ones we are totally ready to dump and wish never showed up again anytime soon.

Here are the beauty and makeup trends we are done with in 2018.
Lollipop lips

This intentional smudged lipstick look, like the person wearing it just licked off a lollipop leaving a gooey, smeared mess all over the lips is not our thing.

Nostril hair extensions

However creepy that may sound, nostril hair extension was trend on Insta and we agree, it needs to be buried and forgotten, forever.

Feathered brows
Started as fun by an Instagrammer, feathered brows quickly became a rage on Insta. We do not dig this shaping the eyebrow to resemble a feather idea at all.

Squiggly Eyebrows

Funky, wavy lines for brows created with the help of concealer and powder. No thank you, we’ll take well groomed, natural brows any day.

Season 2 ???????? #squigglybrows last season finale ????

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Impractical nail art

From hairy selfie to placing piece of fluffs on the nails, we don’t have the time or patience for these ugly and impractical nail art ideas.

Sin palabras ... hairy Nails ? #hairynails ????????????????

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Faux Freckles

Assuming that freckles make the face appear more youthful, the false freckle trend was huge in 2017. Fake dots were marked on the cheeks and nose area using makeup, glitter and even aluminium foil and we don’t find it fashionable at all.

Using unconventional products as makeup applicators

From fidget spinner to hard boiled egg, marshmallow to even condoms, Instagram was rife with images and videos of beauty enthusiasts using just about anything to apply makeup. It's time to end this nonsense and put your makeup brushes and beauty blenders to good use.



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