Beauty Terms That Should Be In Every Makeup Junkie’s Dictionary


The beauty universe is teeming with new techniques and technology—and it's nearly impossible to keep up. There are a host of terms beyond Contouring, Highlighting and Strobing and it keeps adding. Even if you are not a makeup maniac, it wouldn’t hurt to know about these exciting new beauty terms. These can be great conversation starters too! Now is the time to stay up-to-date with the latest terms that are doing the rounds in the world of beauty and makeup. We got you covered with all that you need to know to keep up with your makeup junkie tag. Consider yourself hereby enrolled in Beauty Slang school.

Contouring & Highlighting

Yes, the credit goes to Kim K West for enlightening us lesser mortals with these. Contouring is using a darker colour product)bronzer, foundation etc) on the face to add dimension and to create the illusion of a more chiselled look.

Highlighting is all about adding that glow to the face and body using powder, crème or liquid highlighter. Highlighter is used on the areas of the body where light would naturally hit so that it reflects, making one’s skin look radiant.

It is a technique where one uses only highlighter to accentuate her best features. Strobing requires using highlighter strategically on a clean face to achieve dewy, shimmery, more youthful glow. Many even say Strobing is the new contouring but we are not taking sides as we love both equally!

Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies are great but let’s leave that to the experts (read your mom!). In a makeup lover’s world baking has something to do with making the skin appear brighter. The term, which has been used in the drag community for years, refers to letting translucent powder sit on your face for five to 10 minutes, allowing the heat from your face to set your base (foundation and concealer), and then dusting it off your face, leaving you with a flawless and crease-free finish. If you have extra dry skin, you may want to skip baking.

Say Hello to Buffing
Ditch brush strokes and streaky foundation for buffing. The buffing makeup technique is used to achieve that airbrushed look on your face. All you need to do is take a damp beauty blender or makeup sponge and keep swirling the foundation on your face and buffing it into your skin in circular motions. Continue it for a few minutes to achieve a soft finish.

Wearing face masks also have a soothing effect on our minds apart from our skin. Modern times are taking face-masking to another level. If your skin isn’t the same everywhere, why should your mask be? Multimasking is using different mask mixes for different parts/problems on the skin. If you have multiple skin problems, for example an oily T-zone and dry cheeks, you can try a clay mask on the oily areas of your face and a hydrating mask on the other parts. We are finding this trend pretty cool, and you?

Take a break from highlighting because spotlighting has taken the spotlight this year. Yes, it’s a makeup technique wherein you need to ditch your shimmers and powders for a highlighting balm or crème highlighter blended into the skin to make it glow naturally.

Garage Doors
Garage Doors has opened its doors. It was a technique used in the 80s but has made a comeback in 2017. It is the technique where you wear one shade of eyeshadow starting from your lids all the way up to your brows.

Floating eyeliner
A runway favourite, floating eyeliner is eyeliner that is applied high up on the lids than the lash line. It can be on the eye crease and even above it. Sounds weird, right?Floating eyeliner floats above the eyes and is quite edgy. It is often spotted at fashion weeks across the globes. Dare to try it in real life?

Reverse cat eye
By now we all are familiar with Cat eyes or winged eyeliner. The iconic flick that makes you look and feel sexy in a jiffy and is every girl’s go-to look. Enter, the reverse cat eye! A modern take on the classic cat eyes, reverse cat eyes is when the eyeliner wing is extended beyond the inner corners of the eyes instead of the outer corners. Totally dramatic, absolutely head turning.

Tight lining
Tight lining is done on the eyes, typically using kohl, or kajal-eyeliner. Tight lining is when you apply a thin line of kajal along the water line, on the upper or lower lid. It makes the eyes look big and naturally defined. We will not lie, the technique does take some practice, but it’s worth it.

Lit literally translates into being on fire! In the world of beauty, it means having one’s highlighter on point. Be it blinding, subtle or something in between, if it makes you look radiant, it’s lit. Yes, that’s being on fire alright.

Beat Face
When your makeup application turns out to be flawless from every angle, it automatically gives you life! If it doesn’t, it’s not a beat face. Another word for beat face is beatdown.

Cut Crease
Cut crease is an eye makeup style that helps define the eye crease by cutting it across with a contrasting eyeshadow colour. It involves placing dark eyeshadow directly along the crease of your eye to emphasise it, while the rest of your lid is a lighter colour. This eye makeup technique helps your eyes look bigger and brighter.


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