Beauty Hacks No One Told You About!

This one is for all those who leave no stone unturned in having their beauty game on fleek. However, to make life easier for you, here are some beauty hacks that’ll give every girl serious beauty goals:

1. All you makeup junkies out there, before wearing makeup, rub ice all over your face. This will not just help in closing pores, but also help in achieving glowing skin. What more? Your makeup will last longer.



2. Did you know? If you add 5-10 green tea bags while filling your bath tub or bucket, it will help in detoxing your body and will give your skin an abundance of minerals. This technique works as an instant stress-buster too. Try it out!



3. Admit it! Not all of us are blessed with thick lashes. But we can make our lashes look thicker and fuller by following this little hack. Step 1: Apply a coat of mascara. Step 2: Dip a q-tip in baby powder and dab on your eye lashes. Step 3: Apply a few coats of mascara again for fuller and thicker lashes.



4. No girl can travel without her makeup kit. But there are high chances of the kit getting destroyed while travelling. In this case, all you need to do is add a cotton ball or cotton pad to your makeup palette to keep it from breaking while traveling.



5. Applying eyeliner with perfection requires art. Once you master that, how do you prevent that liner from smudging? Well, if you don’t want your hard work to go waste, take a hair dryer and blow some hot air from the dryer on the tip of your eye liner pencil. This will turn your pencil into a gel liner.



6. All those who know the importance of eyebrows would definitely want to know about this hack on how to keep your brows in shape. If you don’t have an eyebrow gel, worry not. Here’s an alternative to eyebrow gel. Use hair spray on a spoolie brush and comb your brows to keep them in shape.



7. Trouble getting that flawless smokey eye look? This hack is sure going to help you. Draw a hashtag on the outer corner of your eyelid and smudge it out with a sponge. Keep drawing hashtags and smudging it out to get a darker, smokier look.



8. Here’s a mask for all those who face oily skin problems. Mash one banana with a teaspoon of honey and a couple of drops of lemon juice. Apply to face for 10 minutes and then rinse. The results will surprise you!



Well, you can thank us later!


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