Beat The Heat, Take To Braidstyling

Braiding your hair in summers is an absolute saviour. And to look your stylish best, ditch the usual braid for more upgraded and chic ones. The below listed Instagrammers have the best alternative for boring braids. Have a look:

1. If you haven’t washed your hair for more than two days, then the greasy texture is simply perfect to create a double waterfall braid. This pretty hairstyle works as a perfect summer evening look. To give an edge to your hair-do, complete the look with soft curls.



2. For all those with naturally thick and long mane, style your hair in a crown braid. A crown braid makes for the best headband. It adds statement texture to your hairstyle. You may opt for a neat tight braid or go for a perky, messy fishtail.



3. To nail this beautiful braidstyle, all you need to do is have loose styling powder handy. This powder helps pull your braids apart, making them look bigger than usual. This French braid ponytail is apt for a chill summer evening.


What is loose styling powder? Funny you should ask. ???? (I get this question a lot!) Loose styling powder is a shakable powder that I use when I'm braiding or doing updos. It's got "soft grit" and light hold and that helps me pull my braids apart and make them bigger without worrying they're going to unravel. I also use it when I do updos/chignons/half up styles. It gives extra volume at the root (which saves me from tons of backcombing) and the grit keeps my bobbypins from slipping out. Go easy on this and go back for more as needed. ???? You can always watch a how-to on kristinesshair.com if you need a visual. BTW: this is @_emilym. She's been working w me for a little over 2 years and she's my most solid rock! ???????? She's also the face/head of hair on the fixtures in Target stores because how could I not?? Stunning and loyal AF babe from Kansas? Uh…Yes please! ???????????????? #braidcation

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4. Give your French braids a quirky twist by styling your hair in a 5-strand French braid. Again, this braidstyle works perfectly well on greasy hair. On days, when you wish to keep your hair loose and messy, go for this chic look.



5. Make a dutch mohawk by taking the mid-section of your hair and then take the side strands of your hair to form small intricate braids. End it with a high ponytail. Flaunt this chic look at work to look your stylish best.



6. Planning a day out on the beach? Here’s how you should style your long mane. A double French braid will not just make you look adorable but also, is the best way to keep hair off your hair in the sunny weather.



7. For a messy yet stunning look, style two French braids into a messy bun. This braidstyle works well even for all those with short hair. End the look with flat iron curls to give an edge to your look.



8. Heard of a French loop braid? This is how you nail it right. This hairstyle is apt for all those with long hair. If you don’t want to wear your hair in an updo, then here’s the best alternative.


•French loop braid•

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