All Eyes On You


One product multiple roles- All Eye Need

This trio is all you’ll ever need for an eye look. The All Eye Need trio will allow you to complete your eyeshadow in 3 steps. 1, 2, 3, and you’re ready! This multifunction product includes a priming base, a bold shadow, and a highlighting shadow shade. Try it out for an everlasting eye look. Whether you’re getting ready for a special occasion or rushing from work to the runway the All Eye Need palette is a lifesaver! Here’s a few ways you can use the product!

  • Primer

The primer is a must use as it will keep your shadow on and creaseless all day! Not only that but it creates a tacky base that will grab onto the pigment and make it stand out on your lids. This primer is especially smooth so that you can apply it onto your lids with your fingers or even a dense brush.

Want to get a little extra use out of your primer? Try using it under highlighter on your cheeks, nose, cupid's bow, or even your collar bones for lasting blinding highlight!

  • Bold Shadow

This shadow is perfect to add a bit of spice to any look. The bold colors are all you need to go from ordinary to extraordinary! We love using these shadows all over our lids for a pop of color without having to put in too much effort. You can create loads of looks simply with a bold shadow.

Here are some looks you can create with the single color:

For a softer look you can use the shadow close to your lash line, softly blending it up towards your crease. Keep the color dense towards the lash line and less opaque as you work it up. For some extra drama, smoke the shadow below your lower lash line.

Try a sharp look by creating a eyeshadow cateye on the outer third and softly blend it in towards your inner corner.

For a fearless look, cover your entire lid in the shadow and then smoke it up and out for electric eyes.

  • Highlighting Shadow

The highlighting shade is perfect for giving your gaze some dimension. Simply by placing a bit of the highlight onto the center of the eyelid you can completely change its appearance. It makes your eyes stand out and gives it a certain sparkle.

This highlighting shade is so diverse we love adding it on top of our usual cheekbone highlight for some extra bling!


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