Adriana Lima's Best Beauty Tips & Secrets That Are Easy To Replicate


Adriana Lima turned 39 in June this year, but it seems like this former Victoria’s Secret Angel hasn't aged a day since the last 20 years. No matter where she goes, be it red carpet events, walking the ramp, or even just hitting the gym, the model always manages to look effortlessly gorgeous. Ever wondered how this mother of two manage to look so flawless and youthful, all the time? Adriana has always kept it real and has had no issues sharing the beauty tips and tricks she’s learned throughout her career. So, to celebrate, we’ve rounded up her best skincare and makeup lessons that will put you on the path to looking and feeling like a supermodel. Without further ado, here’s how you can step up your beauty game.

Adriana Lima’s Makeup Tips & Tricks

Everyday Makeup Look

The most popular Adriana Lima makeup tip is her everyday makeup routine. Whether it's going to the gym or dropping her kids to school, the model ALWAYS coats her lashes with loads of mascara and pairs it with lip balm. Lima has confessed that mascara is her beauty must-have and she loves applying it on the top and bottom part of her lashes. She even revealed that she purposely touches the mascara brush to the skin around the lash line to create a messy look.

PC: @adrianalima

Quick Glam Fix

Whenever Adriana Lima is in a rush and doesn't have much time to do her makeup, she mixes a bit of shimmer with her daily lotion or sunblock and applies it evenly all over her face. Adriana also stated that she never leaves the house without red lipstick. Lima says, “It can completely change your look so I always carry one with me.”

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Go-To Party Makeup Look

Adriana Lima’s go-to party makeup look is so simple that you can recreate yourself. The model starts off by mixing BB cream with primer and applies it all over her face. Next, for her eyes, the model uses a brown and copper eyeshadow. She applies the shadow on her lower lash line as well to create a softer look. To really bring the attention to her eyes, she also dabs a bit of highlighter on the crease and tops off her eye makeup look with mascara. She proceeds by adding a bit of contour on her cheekbones and forehead followed by blush on her cheeks which she later blends out. Finally, for the lips, the model settles for her bright red shade which is the finishing touch to this quick party look. 

And while owing to the pandemic night outs have been kept on hold,  you can still try this look for your next virtual party. 

Link: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/712765078497923180/ | Video: @vogue

Adriana Lima’s Skin Care Tricks & Tips

Overnight Pimple Fix

If you thought models always have clear skin and never have to deal with pimples, think again. Just like us, Adriana Lima also occasionally has to deal with zits. To get rid of it, she turns to tea tree oil. All she does is apply a bit of this oil on the zit before going to bed to help it dry out faster.

So, if you suffer from pimples, stop picking them and use a bit of tea-tree oil.

PC: @adrianalima

Must-Follow Beauty Routine

Obviously, no beauty routine is complete without drinking plenty of water but aside from that, Adriana also loves drinking a lot of coconut water and when she’s not drinking it, she pampers her eyes with cotton pads dipped in ice-cold coconut water. This helps remove under-eye bags and puffiness. 

Link: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/550424385710636389/

Tackling Dry Skin

Those who have dry skin, this one is for you! Adriana Lima has never hidden the fact that she has dry skin and she has always openly talked about her skincare routine. She tackles this skin issue is with oils. Face oils are her secret to keeping her skin hydrated and glowing all year round. She also follows a layered skin routine which includes face moisturiser, face cream, and serum. 

PC: @adrianalima

So are you ready to revamp your skincare routine after incorporating Adriana's tips?

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