A Quick Braid DIY For An Impeccable Brunch Look

For a sassy brunch look, apart from the trendiest of attire, you also need the quirkiest hair-do to go with. Braids, as we all know, have been a massive hit both on and off the runway. They not just create a dainty look, but also, can be tweaked in as many ways as possible. If you have enough volume and length, then any and every braid type will work wonders to up the style quotient of your brunch look. We’ve got you a very chic and unique braid styling DIY that is sure to make you a trend-setter if you manage to sport this style effortlessly.

Here’s giving you a breakdown of this super easy and quick braid style:

Step 1: Take a rubber band and a bright coloured ribbon or one that’ll stand out in your hair

Step 2: Slide the ribbon through the rubber band

Step 3: Grab a bunch of your hair from right behind your ear and start braiding it, with the ribbon being the third

section of your braid

Step 4: Repeat step 3 on the other side

Step 5: Once you’re ready with both the braids, crown them like a hairband

Step 6: Secure the braids with a couple of bobby pins on both sides.


Watch this cool braid DIY here:




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