A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Makeup


Many girls set their alarms several hours before they have to go anywhere just so they have time to perfect their contoured faces, smoky eyes, and winged eyeliners. But if you are a woman who doesn’t know the difference between powder and liquid face foundation, nor do you really care enough, you are not alone. Even though lazy girls would rather sleep in than get up early and put on a face, they still want to look their best every morning. Here are some simple makeup tips to master the art of looking put together, all the while exerting minimal effort and time…

Quick cover up
Quick cover-up:
Everyone wants their face to look clear and glowing. The first step to achieving this? Cover-up. Typically, one would prep their face with face primer, then proceed with concealer, foundation, and powder, however, the quickest way to complete this step is to just slather on some BB Cream. BB Cream is the easiest form of cover-up, and it is the quickest to apply, by just merely using your fingers. It also doubles as a moisturiser and light coverage foundation, leaving your skin with a natural and healthy glow, which is the look everyone aims to achieve.

If you’re not feeling as lazy one morning, and want to go the extra mile, look no further than MyGlamm’s Total Makeover FF foundation Cream five-in-one palette of primer, concealer, foundation, compact, and corrector. A typical lazy girl can pull out all the stops just by utilising this single, easily accessible palette. This 5 in 1 base palette is a must-have in every girl's makeup kit.

Brush 'em brows:
The key to looking put together, while exerting little to no effort at all, is the brows. Brows frame your face, and it’s often the first thing people notice when looking at you, therefore it’s a good idea to invest some time on grooming and perfecting your arches while doing your makeup.

Bold and thick eyebrows are and will always be in. To achieve this look brush your brows upward with a spoolie so that they look fuller, and slightly more disheveled. Next, depending on the look that you are going for on a specific day, either use an eyebrow pencil or MyGlamm’s Cosmopolitan Winning product for Best Liquid Eyeliner- Stay Defined HD brow powder, to fill in the sparse areas of the brows. Voila, you are left with thicker, and fuller eyebrows all in under 2 minutes- the perfect hack for a lazy girl's makeup regimen.

Mascara - Legendary Lashes
Legendary Lashes:
Next up: lashes. After your brows, eyelashes are probably the next thing people notice about you. No one wants their lashes to look flat and droopy, therefore, no matter how lazy you are, mascara is always a must in everyone’s makeup kitty. The key to making your eyelashes look as plump as possible is to first curl your lashes. Many skip this easy, and quickstep, but it’s vital as sometimes curling your lashes is enough to enhance your eyes, without even using mascara. Applying mascara to your bottom lashes as well creates a nice outline for your eyes, and makes it appear as though you have applied full eye makeup, even though swiping your bottom lashes takes about 30 seconds.

Lip Gloss
Double the fun, half the time:
Any makeup routine is incomplete without lipstick. A nude or light coloured lip is ideal for every day and brings a minimal makeup look together. MyGlamm makes this easy with two-in-one Colour Fusion lipsticks. Colour Fusion contains both a plumping lipstick and a plumping lip gloss in different shades of a color. Wear these colours alone or mix the two together to create a unique, understated look that makes your lips look full- the ultimate lazy girl's makeup hack.

 Contributed by Karishma Kamat



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