A Hair Trend For Every Letter Of The Alphabet

Did you know? There is a hair trend for every English alphabet. From dyeing your hair to working an ombre and basic braids to braided updos, these 26 hair trends will make you go wow. Don’t believe us? Read on and find it out yourself:

1. A-Accessorize

Up the beauty quotient of your hair by accessorizing them with either cute hairbands or fancy hair clips. To cover up for a bad hair day, you can also wrap a colourful bandana around your hair and you’ll be left with a chic look worth flaunting. If you don’t possess fancy hair accessories, get creative with something as basic as bobby pins. Take 3 bobby pins and pin your hair in a triangular shape that’ll easily pass off as a quirky hairpin. You can also take 4 bobby pins to make a hashtag sign in your hair. Try it out!


2. B-Balayage

This hair colouring technique has been in since a long time but has picked up of late and has been trending both on and off the runway. Balayage is applying colour onto your hair directly from the board. Balayage gives your hair a very natural looking colour with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. It is applied on the surface and not saturated through the section until the very tips, otherwise you’d have a streak of colour that isn’t very soft. This is a freehand technique because no foil is used to create the highlights.



3. C-Crimped Hair

Crimped hair was a very popular trend in the mid-80s and has made a comeback this year. Hair crimping means styling long, straight hair so that it becomes wavy. You can achieve crimped hair either by using a crimping iron or by braiding your hair in multiple strands.

Crimped Hair


4. D-Denim Hair

We’ve seen electric blue and pastel blue hair take over hair colours in the past but ever thought of something in between the two colours? Yes, we’re talking about denim hair. Check this out and tell us if you’d be up for such a quirky hair experiment!

Denim Hair


5. E-Extreme Side Parting

Did you know? Extreme side parted hair can look extremely flattering if done right. Don’t forget to spritz hairspray to keep those fly-aways in place. Extreme side parting is ruling the red carpet of late. You’d sure want to try your hand at this sharp and elegant hairstyle, what say?

Extreme Side Parting


6. F-Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids can make you look super dainty and chic. Though there a million ways to wear your hair in a fishtail braid, here’s an easy tutorial to help you perfect the hairstyle and make you look impeccably on trend.

Fishtail Braid


7. G-Grey Hair

Grey hair is no more a sign of ageing. Yes, you read that right. Colouring your hair grey or metallic grey is the latest trend in the beauty arena. You can either go all the way with a solid grey or work a bit of grey balayage, whatever you think will look good on you. Just remember to pull it off effortlessly!

Grey Hair


8. H-Hun

Ditch the half up half down hairstyle for a more stylish hun-a breakup of the words, half and bun. In the last 2 years, hun has been ruling the fashion and beauty industry. From celebrities to fashion bloggers, all the stylish divas have been sporting huns with élan. What more? Once you nail the hun, curl the ends of your hair to give it a more sassy look.

Yesterday wearing TOPSHOP and Nikita !! @stylebyami @ayeshadevitre @vardannayak @shnoy09 @sajzdot

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9. I-Ironing

A flat iron comes to your rescue when frizzy hair becomes unmanageable, especially on days when you need your hair to look perfect. By ironing your hair, you will not just achieve beautiful, straight hair but also, your hair will tend to become soft and easily manageable.



10. J-Jewellery As Hair Accessories

Complement your sequinned dresses and gowns with a pretty and sparkly hair clip. Adding some blingy element in your hair can instantly up the beauty quotient of your hair, making you stand out from the crowd.

Jewellery as Hair Accessories


11. K- Knots

Top-knots are not just in trend but are also easy-to-make and convenient when you want your hair off your face or haven’t washed them for more than two days. Another option is to pull out a few face-framing strands to make it look messy yet classy.



12. L-Lob

There are three types of lobs-long layered lob, blunt lob and choppy lob. Lobs help you get rid of stringy ends, thus making your hair look thicker. So, if you ever wish to have voluminous hair, try going for a lob cut.



13. M-MoroccanOil Hair Spa

A MoroccanOil hair spa will not just help in pampering your tresses but also, give the nutrients that your hair requires to stay healthy and nourished. Book MyGlamm’s MoroccanOil hair ritual, a 75-minute pampering session that’ll leave you with a healthy shine.

MoroccanOil Hair Spa


14. N-Natural Roots

There’s no need to be ashamed of grey roots anymore, because flaunting grey roots is now fashionable. Embrace your grown-out grey roots because even a lot of famous personalities have been sporting it with great aplomb.

Natural Roots


15. O-Ombre

Ombré is the gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark. Ombre can look absolutely gorgeous when used the right shades. And with so many celebs sporting it of late, this trendy hairstyle is here to stay.



16. P-Parting Braids

Parting braids have been trending seriously amongst international stars. These are plaits which sit either in the parting of your hair or over where the parting should be. There are two ways to wear them: either as a tiny braid plaited right through the parting line, or as a raised unicorn style, which sits right down the centre parting.

Parting Braid


17. Q-Queen of Curls

Because who run the world? CURLS!! Whatever be the occasion, curls never fail to up your beauty quotient. Be it, soft curls, spiral curls, ribbon curls or tight curls, they can help take hairstyling a notch higher. Agree or not?

Curly Hair


18. R-Rainbow Hair

From bright primary colours to the subtle pastel shades, rainbow hair is trending and how! If you want to go all out and experiment with rainbow shades in your hair, then Rainbow Hair is something you must try your hand at. You can hide Rainbow Hair beneath a curtain of a more natural shade. Hidden rainbows are placed in spots not normally seen unless the hair is tied in a top-knot.

Need to hide your inner rebel from your boring manager? #hiddenrainbowhair @jessbcruz #hiddenrainbow

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19. S-Sombre

Sombre is a close relative of the ombre but a two-tone effect. The sombre however has a much softer joint where the colours connect. Color expert, Bruno Elorrioroz says, “The appearance of dark roots is less harsh than before and colour is more seamlessly melted together. Going beyond balayage and working with more shades and tones throughout the hair to add dimension and texture”.



20. T-Tousled Hair

Tousled hair can look drop-dead stunning. Spritz some sea salt spray into the ends of your hair to create beach waves that is sure to make heads turn as you step out. Beach waves can be worn on a lot of occasions, be it a date or a party, this hair trend never disappoints!

Tousled Hair


21. U-U-shaped Bangs

U-shaped bangs look lovely when styled straight and sleek. This cut is apt for all those with a round face. It’s bound to look elegant, and full of shine. Because the haircut itself is simple, it really showcases the luscious, healthy hair.

U-shaped Bangs


22. V-Voluminous Hair

Big hair, no care! No matter what the shape of your face is, voluminous hair looks extremely gorgeous. There are numerous ways to give volume to your hair- tease the crown section to make them look big, change the parting of your hair to create instant volume or flip your hair from one side to the other and get volume within seconds.

Voluminous Hair


23. W-Wet Look

Hair that looks like I-just-stepped-out-of-water spells elegance. Don’t believe us? See how these celebrities are raising the temperature while flaunting the wet hair look.


24. X-Xtra Long Hair

If you can maintain your long locks, then nothing like living in them. The best thing about having long hair is being able to experiment with pretty and creative hairstyles, be it, pinned-back plaits or part plaits or layers.

Xtra Long Hair


25. Y-You Do You

Because your hair needs a break too. Let go of dyeing and cutting hair for a while, only style them by getting creative with various hairstyles but avoid using any products or chemicals and see the magic it works for your hair.


26. Z-Zig Zag Braids

Did you know? Zig zag braids are actually not very hard to nail. Infact, if you’re not very good with braiding your hair, you could end up with one of these. For all those with long hair, you can opt for zig zag braids to style your long mane.

Zig-Zag Braid


Tell us how many from the above 26 hair trends have you tried out in the comments below.


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