A Guide to Lip Colour


Everyone loves a good lipstick. But with new products hitting the shelves almost everyday, deciding which type and finish of lip colour is the one for you can get confusing. MyGlamm makes this task a little easier. Here’s our guide to the different lip colours in the market.

Tinted lip balm- This is just good old lip balm with a hint of colour. It’s great for moisturising chapped lips and works for those who don’t want an intense, long lasting colour.


Lip stain- Lip stains give lips a natural, flushed colour. The colour is usually matte and lasts longer than that of tinted lip balm, but it can dry lips out.


Lip gloss- This gives the lips a shiny, lush look. Traditionally, lip glosses had minimal colour but there are more pigmented versions available now. Lip gloss can be worn by itself or over lipstick and can be used to make your lips look fuller. The colour does not last long though.


Sheer lipstick- Sheer lipsticks offer more coverage than lip stains and glosses but still give a natural, moist result. The end result? Classy!


Shimmer lipstick- This lipstick has a pearly, shiny finish that can make lips appear fuller, especially in artificial light.


Cream lipstick- Cream lipsticks are high coverage and give lips a semi-matte look without drying them out. The downside is that they tend to bleed so lining your lips is a must.


Matte lipstick- Matte lipsticks have a completely shine-free, opaque look with a colour that lasts longer than other types of lipstick. They contain no moisture and can dry lips out. It’s best to apply clear lip balm prior to application if you have dry or chapped lips.


Liquid lipstick- Liquid lipsticks give exactly the same coverage as traditional lipsticks. Their applicator is like that of lip gloss but they are meant to give long lasting colour that stays on your lips until you remove it. This formula can make your lips dry and using lip balm is advised.


Lip liner- Lip liner is used to line the outside of the lips to give them a fuller look and stop the colour from bleeding. Lip liner can also be used inside the lips to give them an ombré effect or for lip contouring.


Choose your lip colour according to the occasion and the look that you want. It’s best to have different shades and types of lip colours in your makeup kit so you can play around with your lip colour according to your mood!

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