9 Nail Hacks You Need To Make Life Easier

Nail polish only increases our beauty quotient. However, the process, right from applying nail polish to removing it, is not an easy one. Therefore, here are some nail hacks to make your life easier:

1. Help Your Nails Dry Faster: Most of the times, it becomes a helpless situation when you have to dry your nails. A little smudge here or there can make your nails look untidy and unattractive. To help your nails dry faster, dip your nails in a bowl of ice water for about 3 minutes. And see the magic!


2. Here’s How You Can Create A Matt Nail Polish: Want to make your shinier look nail polish look matte? Then add a matte top coat to any nail polish by mixing clear polish and corn starch. Ta-da!



3. Hair Spray or Cooking Oil Can Help In Drying Nails: Another easy and quick way to dry your nail polish is to apply cooking spray or hair spray over the top coat. This will help in strengthening the top layer and is likely to prevent any smudges.


4. There Is A Hack For Chipped Nails: A few days after your manicure, if you notice your polish chipping off, then cover it with a coat of glitter. Choose a uniform pattern in order to make it look neat and apply glitter in varying strengths for a faded effect.


5. Fix A Nail Polish Blunder: If you happen to make a mistake while applying your nail polish, no need to start all over. Simply rub nail polish remover lightly over the smudge and add the original colour over it.


6. How To Avoid Nail Polish Bubbles: When bubbles appear on your freshly painted nails, they make your nails look ugly. To avoid having bubbles surface atop your perfectly painted nails, first roll the bottle in between your hands and not shake it. Normally, it’s shaking up the contents of the bottle that results in air bubbles.


7. Use Tapes To Create Perfect Lines: Ever wondered how to get perfect lines in order to make flawless designs on your nails? Using a cello tape is a perfect hack. To achieve perfectly straight lines, add it to your nail tips before applying the colour.


8. How To Fix A Smudge: This may not sound as one of the most amazing hacks, but if you ever happen to accidentally smudge your nail polish while it’s still drying, then fix it by licking your finger and gently smoothen the smudge out because saliva reacts with the nail polish to soften and blend the surface. However, remember don’t eat the polish, lick it!


9. Never Apply Nail Polish While Sitting Under A Fan: While most of us think that applying nail polish while sitting under the fan will make it dry faster, then you’re wrong. Infact, the drafty air will just make bubbles and ruin your polish.



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