8 Summer-Friendly Makeup Tips That Will Take You From Beginner To Pro


While summer is all about having fun with your gal pals at pool parties, wearing tiny shorts and sipping on chilled sodas, it isn’t too fun for your skin. Your skin is prone to being more oily and red in the heat and is also more likely to feel irritated. Hence, even the makeup that goes on it doesn’t sit well and keeps slipping. So, if you’re a beauty beginner, we’ve got some summer makeup tips that will keep your cute look in place at all times.

Summer Makeup Tips For Oily Skin

If your skin tends to feel greasy and sticky in the summer then you aren’t alone. You can use a gel-based moisturiser and a charcoal mask for this season to keep your oil production in control and follow these makeup tips for oily skin to make it stay put all day long.

Prime Your Skin 

Priming your skin is the key to oil-free makeup. Take a pea-sized amount of primer and apply it to your face especially on your T-zone, chin and wherever you have visible pores. This will help your summer makeup last longer and will give you a smooth canvas for the rest of your products.

Pick A Matte Base

While dewy foundations look beautiful in the winter, it is the matte and satin ones that really work well for the summer. When you’re doing makeup for oily skin in the super hot months then just keep in mind that less is more. Work in thin layers rather than packing on product. This will help in not letting your makeup look cakey and will give you an all-in-all gorgeous base.

Use Setting Powder

One of the most helpful summer makeup tips for oily skin that we can give you is using setting powder or translucent powder. Use a makeup puff to apply it on your under eyes and on the sides of your mouth to keep your foundation and concealer from creasing and then take a large fluffy brush to apply it all over your face. This will keep your base in place throughout the day and will also help keep the grease in control.

Prime And Set Your Eyelids Too

Summer is all about trying out poppy shades on your eyes and really going all out with the eye makeup looks. But before you go in with eyeshadow, remember to prime your lids too because they get oily as well. You don’t need an eyeshadow primer for this, just take a regular concealer and apply it to your eyelids. Then go in with the same setting powder and set the cream product in place so that the eyeshadows can glide on smoothly. This will not help with the oiliness in the heat but also make the shades look more vibrant.

Pick A Water-Resistant Formula

Even if you aren’t going into the pool with makeup, you do tend to sweat a lot in the summer so picking water-resistant formulas is a safe option. You don’t want to end up with panda eyes after having your mascara and eyeliner running down your face, do you?

Dust On Matte Bronzer

Instead of choosing a shimmer bronzer, pick a matte bronzer to add that warmth to your skin. When you layer shimmery products on top of greasy skin, the end result can be messy. So for that summer glow without excess shine, apply bronzer to the tops of your forehead, the hollows of your cheeks and your jawline.

Use A Creamy Blush For A Flush Of Colour

Many people pick a powder blush in summer so that it can soak up the excess oil from the skin but one summer makeup tip we swear by is to switch this out with a cream blush. It may seem counter-intuitive at first, but it gives you the most natural sunkissed look. Warm up the product by rubbing your fingers together. Apply blush across your face from one cheek to the other. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks and on your nose to give yourself that flushed look. And if you’re worried about longevity, you can dust some translucent powder over your cream blush to ensure that it stays in place all day!

So, if you’re thinking of how to do makeup for oily skin at home, we hope that these tips came in handy. They’ll keep your makeup budge-proof all day long.

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