8 Eyeliner Styles To Give You Serious Eye Makeup Goals


Because wearing an eyeliner in the same manner all the time is too mainstream. Experiment with different eyeliner styles to create a new and refreshing look every day.

1. Classic Cat Eyes: A cat eye done flawlessly can completely change your look. To execute it with perfection, we suggest you use a gel or liquid liner. Start by making a thin outline from your inner eye. Thicken it as you move out, extending it upwards and outwards from the outer corner of your eye. And then line your lower lashline. You can finish the look by adding some amount of mascara to create a dramatic look.



2. Sleek Winged Eyeliner: A sleek winged liner is the most common style of applying eyeliner. The best part about a sleek winged liner is that it goes perfectly well for a day as well as a night look. Start a sleek winged eyeliner at the innermost corner of your eye and line your top lash line with utmost attention. Extend the liner a little past the outer corner of your eye and finish neatly without any smudges. You can either leave your lower lash line bare or use a nude pencil on it to make your eyes pop. And that’s how you nail a sleek winged liner.



3. Smudge It: What’s the best part about a smudge look? It doesn’t have to be precise and neat. The messier, the better! If you want to create a perfect out-of-bed eye makeup look, then go for a smudge. For this style, you’ll need an eyeliner with a smudger. Line your upper and lower lashlines with a kohl pencil and gently smudge it. Yes, it’s that simple!



4. Thin Liner: For all those who like to keep their eyeliner minimal, should go for a thin liner that is barely there. To create a thin liner with perfection, we suggest you use a gel or liquid liner. Create a super thin outline just above your upper lashline. You can use a nude pencil on your waterline. But it’s better to just keep it bare. For your eyes to pop, add some mascara and use an eyelash curler. And you’re all set!



5. Double Winged Liner: If a simple winged liner didn’t create enough drama for you, then give your eyes a double dose of eyeliner. Once you perfect the single winged liner, then, line your lower lash line as close to the lashes as possible and extend that into a wing too. Define both the wings clearly with the help of either a white eye pencil or eye shadow in between them. Rock this glammorous look at your next party!



6. Liner With A Gap: Did you know? If you don’t connect your upper and lower eyeliner lines, it’ll make your eyes pop and look more bright. Even the procedure to get this style of eyeliner for yourself is quite simple. Just draw a thin line on the top and bottom and ensure that you don’t connect the two lines. That’s all!



7. Vintage-y Smudge: If you wish to create a vintage look, then a vintage-y smudge is the perfect way to wear your eyeliner. Draw a thin outline on both the upper and lower lashlines with a black eyeliner. Wet an eyeshadow brush, dip it in black eye shadow and use it to create a vintage-y smudge look for your eyes.



8. Cat Eyes With A Twist: We’ve already showed you how to nail the classic cat eyes in point no. 3. So, start with drawing cat eyes like you normally would and gently smudge the lower lashline with either an eyeliner smudger or a wet Q-tip to add a chic twist to your eye makeup.



Love it? Try it and tell us! We’d love to know.


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