7 Uses For WIPEOUT Baby Wipes

Baby wipes aren’t just for babies….say what??? Yes, baby wipes are a versatile product and aside from cleaning the gunk off your child, they have plenty of other uses as well. Intrigued to know more? Then, read on.

MyGlamm’s new WIPEOUT Baby Wipes are infused with aloe vera and chamomile extracts and vitamin E. These sanitizing wipes contain no alcohol and no parabens, making them safe to use on your face and body, including intimate areas. But these aloe vera & chamomile infused baby wipes can do more than sanitize, cleanse and moisturise your baby's skin. Here’s how you can really put them to work.

1. Remove Crayon Marks

No matter how much paper you give them, for toddlers, every wall around the house is their own personal canvas to scribble on. Luckily, their art exhibition doesn’t have to be permanent. Some elbow grease and vigorous scrubbing with the WIPEOUT Baby Wipes can easily get rid of your little Picasso's art.

2. Tame Flyaway Hair

Getting your child to sit still while trying to pat down their flyaways can be a real task and many kids aren’t too keen on hair gels and sprays either. Here’s where WIPEOUT Baby Wipes come to the rescue. They are a quick alternative to set the hair in place and escape any tantrums. But it's not only for kids, adults too have to deal with flyaways! These wipes are easy to carry around, so the next time you have any hair emergency, just pull out one of these bad boys to keep everything in place.

3. Tidy Pedicures

Sure, it can be fun to let your kid do your pedicures, but we all know that it’s going to be messy. There are a few adults as well who can’t seem to keep all the paint on their nails while doing their DIY mani-pedis and there’s no shame in that. Even though these are two different situations, the problem remains the same. Well, you can avoid the mess by keeping WIPEOUT Baby Wipes next to you to remove the excess nail paint before it dries and get perfectly painted nails.

4. Wash Toys

Now more than ever you should be sanitizing everything, especially your kid’s toys. Kids are messy and their toys are riddled with germs and gunk. The WIPEOUT Baby Wipes kill 99.9% germs so it’s a safer and easier option to clean plastic toys. Just get these bad boys out and start wiping every toy clean to keep you kid safe.

5. Cleanse Your Soles

The monsoons can lead to dirty shoes. Whether it’s your sneakers or rain boots or if it’s the soles of your slippers, there’s no escaping the mud and dirt during this time of the year. WIPEOUT Baby Wipes are also useful in cleaning the soles of your shoes. You can wipe them down with these baby wipes and make them look good as new.

6. Shiny New Plants

Are your plants dull and dusty? WIPEOUT Baby Wipes can bring back its lustre. Confused? Well, let us explain. These wipes contain no-alcohol or parabens so they can be used to clean the leaves of your house plants and leave them looking shiny and new again. We weren’t kidding when we said that baby wipes can be used for many things other than just cleaning your baby. 

7. Stay Cool & Fresh

Store the WIPEOUT Baby Wipes in the fridge and use them to cool off on a hot summer’s day, or after a sweaty workout. These wipes are made from a super soft non-woven fabric, making them a perfect quick pick me up for your skin.

8. Clean Electronic Devices

This one is a no-brainer. During this pandemic, it’s important to clean phones and tablets which you and your kids often use. You can use WIPEOUT Baby Wipes to safely clean the screen and eliminate any germs.

9. Remove Eye Makeup

Baby wipes have beauty benefits as well. For those days when you’re just too tired to remove your eye makeup or have no access to water, just wipe your eyes clean and remove any mascara or liner with WIPEOUT Baby Wipes.

10. Get Rid Of Hair Dye Stains

It’s going to be a while until we are completely comfortable with going to the parlour again until then we have to stick to DIYs. For those planning on colouring their hair at home, dye stains on your forehead and ears are inevitable. These dye stains can be tough to remove, so keep WIPEOUT Baby Wipes next to you and quickly clean up those drips on your skin before it dries.

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