7 Lipstick Hacks You Need to Pin to your Dresser


You can never have enough lipsticks. Ok, they say that about, shoes, eyeshadows, highlighters  and nailpaints too, but you get the picture! Whether it’s shopping for them or wearing them, lipsticks much like heels are an instant pick me up. Need to deflect attention from your tired eyes, just swipe on a bright pop of colour on your lips. No time to put on your makeup but still need to look put together, just grab a lipstick! But if you’re looking to get the most out of your fav lippies, here are a few lipstick tricks to keep in mind.

Dry, chapped lips makes the colour on your lips clumpy and the colour settles into the cracks of your lips giving a very unfinished look to your makeup. Prior to applying lipstick, slough off the dead skin on your lips using a toothbrush gently on your lips.

Powder Your Lips
Hear us out. Lipstick doesn’t fade equally and leaves blotches of colour on your pout when it does. To prevent this, blot the colour then press your lips against a tissue paper and go over your lips with a translucent setting powder. Reapply the colour and you’re all set.

Use Foundation
To prevent your lipstick from bleeding, especially if you’re using take a foundation brush with just a smidgen of foundation. Go over the corners of your pout to cover any errant colour. Alternatively, you could also use a clear foundation or lipliner to seal the edges of your lips so that the colour does not bleed out.

Use your fingers
The colour from the inner parts of your lips usually transfers on to your teeth. To keep this from happening stick a clean finger and wrap your lips around it. When you pull out your finger, all the excess lipstick will come off on your finger saving you social embarrassment later.

Draw  an ‘X’
For the perfect cupid’s bow, prior to putting on lipstick, draw an ‘X’ on your cupid’s bow using a lip liner and then fill in your lips with colour.

If you have pigmentation on your lips, dab some concealer on your pout and then proceed with lip colour. Not only does it really make the colour of the lipstick pop, it also does not let it fade.

Get cheeky with it
Your lipstick is an equally effective substitute for blush. Just dab a little on the apples of your and blend well either using your finger or a blush. A rose/ pink coloured matte lipstick works best.


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