6 Ways To Disguise A Bad Hair Day

Admit it! If you’re having a bad hair day, you’re simply having a bad day. And all of us experience a terrible hair day more than twice a week. Because your hair plays a crucial role in our day-to-day beauty routine, it gets difficult to deal with bad hair days. But worry not, the following 6 tips will give you an idea on how to hide your bad hair days in the smartest way possible:

1. Braid Your Hair: Did you know? On a bad hair day, braids are the biggest saviour. They are an instant cover up for bad hair days. Be it a thick braid or messy braid, they will not just turn your bad hair days into a good one, but also, up your style quotient as braids are totally in trend of late. They go perfectly well on both ethnic as well as western clothing.


2. Pins Work Wonders: When nothing works, pins totally do! If you’re not into styling your hair when it doesn’t cooperate with you on a particular day, then just pin them up. Add some shiny button clips or a cute bow clip or some simple bobby pins to hold your hair in place. Adding some funky hair accessories will not just hide your bad hair days, but also, up your hair game in leaps. Also, if your fringes don’t cooperate, pin them back with a chic barrette for a sleek look. Try it out!


3. Curl The Ends For A Non-Frizzy Look: Bad hair days are mostly associated with frizzy hair. The most difficult task is to control the frizz in your hair. In order to disguise the frizz, curl the ends of your hair. This will hide your frizz and make it look stylish at the same time. Curling the ends is less time consuming and can look good on all hair types.


4. Wear Hairbands/Bandanas: Hairbands and bandanas too can help in covering bad hair days. A bandana headband tied upfront can look super trendy. Color coordinate your bandana with your outfit, and you’re sure to forget about having a bad hair day. A cute and quirky hairband too can up the beauty quotient of your hair. For a stylish look, pick an embroidered or a lace hairband or a metal or a cute bow hairband.


5. Tie Your Hair In A Messy Bun: When you’re facing a bad hair day, all you want to do is tie them all up in a messy bun for a sassy look. Since messy buns are a hit on the runway too, you don’t have to worry about not keeping up with the latest trends. Buns need not be perfect, which is why, you can easily get away with a bad hair day, courtesy messy buns.

6. Use A Dry Shampoo: For all those who’ve never used dry shampoos, did you know that you can cover up a bad hair day by spraying dry shampoo on the roots of your hair? This will help you freshen up your hair in between washes and will prevent you from having bad hair days.



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