6 Tips To Get The Best Brazilian Wax This Summer

#1 Prep Well Before Your Appointment

For your Brazilian waxing experience to go smooth and painless, firstly, inculcate the habit of exfoliating on a daily basis. This reduces ingrown hair. Secondly, avoid shaving the hair because hair should be at least one-quarter of an inch in order for wax to catch the hair and leave a clean area once ripped off.

#2 Avoid Alcohol A Day Before Your Appointment

Did you know? Alcohol tightens the pores, thus, making the hair removal process difficult and further more painful. So, avoid having alcoholic drinks a day prior to your Brazilian waxing appointment. Also, make sure you stick to your waxing schedule. Get a Brazilian wax done every 4-6 weeks, depending on the growth of your hair.

#3 Soothe Your Skin With A Cold Pack

Post waxing, your skin may feel itchy and irritating, especially in summers. To soothe irritated skin, use a cold pack on the area to reduce inflammation and to close the pores. Then, apply a soothing moisturizer and wear loose clothing on the day of your treatment to prevent from chaffing.

#4 Avoid Rubbing Your Vaginal Area With Ice Before Waxing

If you think rubbing ice will numb the area and reduce pain during the procedure, then you’re absolutely wrong. The ice will infact tighten up and close the pores, making waxing that area even more difficult.

#5 Enjoy A Warm Bath Before Your Waxing Appointment

We all dream of a painless Brazilian waxing experience. Well, here’s how you can reduce the pain. Right before your Brazilian waxing appointment, soak in a warm bath for about 15-20 minutes. This will not just open up the pores but also, make the hair softer and waxing less painful for you.

#6 Do Not Have Caffeine On The Day Of Your Appointment

Skip coffee on the morning of your waxing appointment. Since your vaginal area is already sensitive, coffee makes your skin further more sensitive. Instead, drink a cup once you’re done waxing.

We understand how uncomfortable salons can get in such situations. Therefore, we at MyGlamm make sure you enjoy a fuss-free Brazilian waxing experience in the comfort of your home.



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